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Boxing Exhibitions: Side Show, New Angle, or Something Else? Part Two

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  • Boxing Exhibitions: Side Show, New Angle, or Something Else? Part Two

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    By Ted Sares

    YouTuber Jake Paul (2-0) says he wants to fight English YouTuber KSI, and then maybe Ryan Garcia, Conor McGregor, and some of the top UFC fighters (using boxing rules). This comes after his recent coldcocking of former NBA star Nate Robinson.

    “There is a long list of opponents that I want, you know Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis. I’m going to knock them both out.”-- Paul

    Jake and his brother Logan are participants in a continuing side show and the more attention they get, the more this freak show will last. In that vein, this writer will no longer mention them except to quote the following from a poster named VashDBasher: “Hopefully these exhibition matches with these retired fighters don’t get out of hand. Not to mention these youtubers with single digit fights making more money than a lot of top prospects and contenders. Boxing is turning into a sham with…”

    Exhibitions: The Fire Has Been Ignited; Will It Burn?

    Jorge Arce and Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. launched the tour when they faced off in September in Tijuana but it was done under the radar.

    The super-hyped and much anticipated Tyson-Jones exhibition is now in the past, but already it appears that many others will take place. After all, this one—though a stylistic stinker-- reportedly pulled in close to 1.2 million PPV buys!

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” - usually attributed to P. T. Barnum

    Mike Tyson, coming in at a svelte 220 pounds wants to continue and asserts “my body feels splendid. I want to beat it up some more…I will do it again.” If he does, it may well happen in Europe.

    Others are coming out of the woodwork sniffing around like dogs smelling Purina chow but the chow in this case is money and plenty of it. Suddenly, the “seniors tour” seems to enjoy the certainty of a Cher’s final tour. Ex- fighters like Glen McCrory, Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Johnny Nelson, Buster Douglas, Shannon Briggs, Erik Morales, Evander Holyfield, Marco António Barrera, and possibly Oscar De La Hoya (in a traditional comeback rather than an exhibition) are all looking to get in on the action.

    "The rumors are true, and I'm going to start sparring in the next few weeks." –De La Hoya

    The usually quiet Holyfield in particular has made a lot of noise saying among other things that, “Roy Jones was a good local opponent for Tyson, but a fight with me would be a global event and the only one fight that anyone wants to see is a fight between us. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t make it happen…”

    But the “Real Deal” also has said he won't fight for less than 25 million which is pretty much tantamount to saying he doesn’t want to fight.

    Tyson vs. Holyfield III? Don’t bet on this one happening.

    However, if there is money to be made, Floyd Mayweather Jr will be hovering about like a helicopter perhaps looking to fight Manny Pacquiao in a mega fight, but Manny may be looking to fight everybody’s favorite opponent, UFC star Conor McGregor. A real fight involving Floyd against a risky opponent would be of enormous interest, but keeping in mind that one of his mottos has been “my health is my wealth," that is not something to bet on.

    Ted Sares can be reached at

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    "If boxing wasn’t dead before, this will do it. Right up there with dancing with the stars" Bob Mulkey


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      "It's akin to seeing an old-timers game at Dodger Stadium -- sad." Johnny Tango

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      "Excellent overview on what you call it- a side show." Mel Christi

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    Boxing fans complaining about more fights...sad.