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Ryan Garcia, Canelo's Protege, Announces Fight With Manny Pacquiao

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  • Ryan Garcia, Canelo's Protege, Announces Fight With Manny Pacquiao

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    By Kelsey McCarson

    Ryan Garcia has just about everything he needs to become the next Canelo Alvarez, even the champ's terrific training team led by Mexico's Eddy Reynoso.

    "It's great, man. They support me. They stay by my side. They believe in me. They know what they see, even Canelo," Garcia told me before his last fight.

    So, it should come to no surprise that the 22-year-old lightweight contender would be attempting to pull off the same kind of trick that led to Alvarez's first and only loss in the professional ranks, but the same one that probably helped the Mexican more than any other as a learning experience inside a boxing ring.

    Just as Alvarez did in securing his 12-round dance with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. back in 2013, Garcia wants to sign up for the same kind of tango with boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

    "I've been boxing my whole life, and I've been ready for the biggest fights," Garcia said.

    Lots of fighters say things like that, but almost nobody actually attempts to do it.

    Alvarez does.

    Now, Garcia does, too.

    "Canelo brings me to the side at times out of nowhere and says 'you're one of the most talented fighters I've ever seen in my life. I just want you to work as hard as I do and you're going to have the world’," Garcia said.

    On Sunday, Garcia posted via Instagram that his dream fight vs. Pacquiao was a done deal, though it's important to note no other confirmations of any kind have followed that post.

    Additionally, the promotional poster used by the social media superstar in his announcement didn't look official, and Pacquiao has remained eerily silent about the matter publicly.

    Still, Garcia seems to believe his next fight will be against Pacquiao, and it must be a near-enough reality that everyone else involved with the matter has decided to remain silent until everything is sorted out.

    "I want to leave a true legacy when I'm done with the game," Garcia said.

    That Garcia even wants to face Pacquiao right now testifies to that truth, and it's absolutely something worth celebrating.

    The undefeated Instagram idol might have over 8.3 million followers for many reasons, but the most notable claim Garcia has to the mantle of being boxing's next big thing is less about those attributes and more about the talent, skill, and ability he possesses inside a boxing ring.

    To put it another way, it's one thing to be as handsome as Oscar De La Hoya. It's quite another to actually fight like him.

    Case in point, Garcia is coming off the most important win of his career.

    Making good on his pre-fight promise to stop Olympic gold medalist and world title challenger Luke Campbell on January 2 was an important rung to take on the ladder to success, and that became especially true after Campbell dumped the prodigy to the canvas in the second round of the fight.

    But Garcia weathered that early storm and eventually came back to pull the stoppage win over Campbell five rounds later.

    Nobody had done that before. Campbell went 12 full rounds with both Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares in previous losing efforts against world-class lightweights, so Garcia's stoppage win was more evidence that he's legitimately special where it matters most.

    After his viral knockout, Garcia was lauded by some of the most notable sports celebrities on the planet. The kid can barely purchase alcohol in all 50 states and his massive fanbase already includes the likes LeBron James, Damian Lillard, and Carlos Correa.

    In some ways, that puts Garcia way ahead of Alvarez's early all-star pace, at least at the level of notoriety.

    Say what you want about Garcia's social media-centric fanbase, the incredible level of fame the American has already achieved was previously only reserved for the likes of specific Olympic gold medal winners with a perfect mix of qualities.

    De La Hoya comes to mind again, and that type of talent only comes around once a generation in our sport.

    Look, Garcia isn't ready for Pacquiao.

    In fact, one can easily argue that the 23-year-old Alvarez that lost to Mayweather eight years ago was way more prepared for that fight than Garcia is right now for Pacquiao.

    And we all know how that one went.

    But Garcia's daring attempt at making such a huge splash at such a young age is a wonder to behold.

    A rising superstar like Garcia choosing to go against the conventional wisdom that would otherwise tell him to steer clear of fights he'll probably lose is a breath of fresh air.

    The reason he wants to do things like that is just as great.

    "I have a gift. I'm a true talent. I can't let all that go to waste," Garcia said.

    Check out more boxing news on video at the Boxing Channel

  • #2
    Fight with Manny = early retirement to South of France.


    • #3
      At some point, Manny has to get old in the ring. However, I think a shopworn, old Manny beats Garcia.

      I do take a little bit of issue with the line in the column "De La Hoya comes to mind again, and that type of talent only comes around once a generation in our sport".

      People saw something in De La Hoya I didn't.


      • Kid Blast
        Kid Blast commented
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        Now I'm hearing that the "fight" is going to be an exhibition. If so, my respect index for these two guys has gone way down.

    • #4
      Yea that fight with Tank was really something wasn't it, then to jump on Haney 87 days later and of course after that he took care of Lopez. But what was really amazing was how he moved right up to Heavyweight and defeated...... No wait a minute all he has done is talk talk talk. If that wins people over well what is the reason for fighting ? Most of the younger fighters talk a lot it is what they do, let them talk but that don't mean much of nothing until they get in the ring. Put some ice on it already, that head will explode if it gets much bigger.


      • #5
        That’s funny.

        Manny annihilates Ryan Garcia lol 😂


        • #6
          You got that right KO and plus it is not happening just noise. Kid made progress but not that kind of progress I do not hate him hope he does well in the ring. And he can show it in the ring. KO did you ever write something about how the noise vs the facts or something along those lines? I would like to read something along those lines. From any writer. OH enjoy the FOX fights tonight I know you are really hyped up for the card. And enjoy the snow storm if it hits your area.


          • #7
            I suspect that the hullabaloo about Garcia vs. Pacquiao and whether or not it’s a real fight or an exhibition is a way of enforcing to fans the fact that boxing’s new normal absolutely includes the possibility of phony exhibitions set in big empty houses with no fans in the house so to speak. Such a notion was ridonkulous not that long ago but fans and media are being groomed to not just accept the new normal but to embrace it with debate and prognostications regarding the nature of this or that future money grab. Look behind the headlines, u know I’m right.


            • Kid Blast
              Kid Blast commented
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              I believe you have the beat

          • #8
            Manny Pacquaio will - if in peak form and fully juiced - destroy Ryan Garcia’s career.

            This is a bad fight for Garcia in every way except revenue.




          • #9
            Pacquaio (in shape) could seriously bust up and stop Ryan.

            Especially if the fight is at light welterweight and/or welterweight; and I don’t see Pacquaio going down to 135.

            If Pacquaio doesn’t stop Garcia he’ll make an awful mess of him.

            Too much intensity, speed, and southpaw savvy for Ryan at this stage.