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Billy Joe vs Canelo

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  • Billy Joe vs Canelo

    I’m putting some $ on Saunders for the win and putting $ on the draw .
    Billy Joe might be rude and brash but his skills are elite .
    if it’s in Vegas I’ll be there.
    cant wait to get out of NY for a bit .

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    Thanks for chiming in Deepwater3.

    Yeah, Billy Joe is certainly legit -- when he's in shape and properly motivated ! -- as he proved when he went on the road and boxed rings around David Lemieux.

    I'm here in Vegas and can't wait to travel again so I can re-visit the Big Apple.


    • Kid Blast
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      But be careful of Covid in NYC.

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    No way Saunders beats Canelo.

    A better bet is that he runs from Canelo.

    All night.


    • Kid Blast
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      Maybe, but he is slick as snot and knows his way around that ring. Canelo will need to shorten up his punches or he might get countered. I think BJS' style will give Canelo some trouble but not enough to beat him. That could change.

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    An even better bet is that BJS sabotages himself with yet more of his outrageously bad conduct outside of the ring. He will do or say something so unbelievably atrocious that the next thing you know, Canelo is fighting somebody else when Saunders suddenly/conveniently fails another drug test or it’s announced that he’s pulling out of the fight for personal reasons. We will all know it’s because he promoted, filmed, and sold on PPV another homeless bum fight in the alley behind his London flat.


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      It’s a tall order for BJS to beat Canelo at both, Vegas and super middleweight.

      Saunders has not yet faced a top quality super middleweight; since both, blowing up (from middleweight) to light heavyweight in 2018 (to win against Adamu) and then settling back down into super middleweight (for the 1st time) in 2019 (to win against Isufi).

      Sanders recently (last December) went the distance with Martin Murray in a fight where Alvarez, had he been in Billy’s shoes that night, would have most likely stopped Murray; whom looked lackluster throughout the entire fight against Billy.

      Still, with all that said . . .

      BJS represents one of the more savvy boxers that Canelo will have faced over the last few years.

      And, I expect it to be a good fight as this kind of fight/opportunity is precisely what BJS and Canelo have both been waiting for.





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        Well first thanks for the write up, I was hyped about this fight when Playcroco first heard about it but have stayed hesitant to get too far into it due to all things with cancellations lately. But I did watch the first fight yesterday and I remembered it as I was watching yes it was a great fight 8 years ago. I have to leave it to those with the pen to talk it up at this point. But I have to say you put an extra spark on this one. What did you say ? DON'T MISS THIS FIGHT you are right on that one. Today is Wednesday so it looks like I can start to make a few calls now get things lined up. Yea it feels right.