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Boxing Scribes Take to Twitter to Celebrate the Fury-Wilder Fight

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  • Boxing Scribes Take to Twitter to Celebrate the Fury-Wilder Fight

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    By Arne K. Lang

    “Tonight’s fight was the best thing to happen for boxing in years,” tweeted legendary Philadelphia promoter and matchmaker J. Russell Peltz commenting on Saturday’s barnburner between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Many prominent boxing writers echoed that opinion. The word “epic” is over-used, but Fury-Wilder III certainly warranted that citation.

    Here are some fast impressions of the fight from boxing-savvy journalists whose opinions we culled from the Twitterverse. Some were written before the bout’s conclusion. There were a few quibbles and we saved those for last.

    MICHAEL BENSON – Absolutely astonishing fight for the ages in which Wilder shows incredible heart, but Fury ultimately proves that he’s the greatest heavyweight in the world today. WHAT A FIGHT.

    MATT CHRISTIE – Fury’s ability to recover from knockout blows just as astonishing as Wilder’s knack for throwing them. Wilder’s courage and durability mind-boggling, too. What a thrilling rivalry.

    MIKE COPPINGER – What we just saw from Deontay Wilder is one of the gutsiest displays in a boxing ring in history, bar none.

    TOM GRAY – Fury’s the better man, but I have never seen a heavyweight get so much out of a single drop of fuel as Deontay Wilder my entire life. Soldier-like bravery from him.

    DAN RAFAEL – Incredible Fight! I am humbled by these warriors!!!!!!!!!!

    Leave it to the acerbic WALLACE MATTHEWS, a fixture on the New York sporting scene for decades, to find a crease in the silver lining. We can say both Fury and Wilder showed great heart and will to win but in terms of skill they are both ordinary at best.

    From this reporter’s standpoint, one of the best things about attending a fight live is that we get to tune out some of the talking heads on the telly. However, we also miss some things that should be included in a good post-fight report. Did Robert Helenius TKO Adam Kownacki or was Kownacki disqualified by referee Celestino Ruiz? We weren’t the only one that left the arena uncertain as to the official outcome.

    STEVE KIM’S enjoyment of the fight was tempered by the TV commentary: This was a really entertaining fight, but geez this broadcast crew is really trying over-hard to sell what we just saw. Undoubtedly others felt the same way.

    For Sports Illustrated scribe CHRIS MANNIX, the exhilarating fight begged a question: Thing is – boxing has the talent pool to do this every week. Why it doesn’t is mystifying.

    What was your take? We welcome your input.

    Check out more boxing news on video at the Boxing Channel

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    Great fight marred by Wilder’s pisss poor sportsmanship. Typical beaten bully with nothing to say, particularly anything classy or respectful. When Bronzy breaks his silence will it be to blame the referee? Dude was very white and did very little to punish Fury for beating up on Deontay. Oh wait, it was a long knockdown count to Fury right?!? That’s what Bombsquad fans are saying on social media. What will Wildman do? Fire Malik Scott? Accuse him of a grand conspiracy? Make more accusations against THE MAN who has now proven his superiority not once not twice but three times? Overall the fight had shades of Lewis-Klitschko to my eyes but with a proper less bloody conclusion. Two very tall heavyweights throwing arms and fists trying to hurt each other. Trying to end each other. I’d like to see Tyson Fury unify against Usyk and then take on the winner of a third AJ-Ruiz fight. Wilder needs to walk away. He’s had his run. He ran into a wall. He’s what, 35? And he’s taken two terrible beatings to the head. He should retire ASAP before he starts slurring his limited vocabulary and needs to eat his steak dinner with a paper straw.


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      Also the fight had shades of Lewis-Grant the way Fury was front face locking Wilder and uppercutting him with the free hand. This questionable technique was like a horse tranquilizer to Grant while Wilder took it better and longer. Fury is in many ways an amalgamation of a vicious Lewis and a cautious Klitschko.


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        Everyone who watched the fight enjoyed the fight is my take and that is rare esp in these days. I did not watch the fight and I do not tweet but it was talked about a lot bleed over the mainstream sport news NFL and so forth. What effect that will have and how it will be handled remains to be seen.


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          I could care less what these "boxing scribes" saw. I don't rely on Dan, Kim,et al for an analysis. I know what I saw and that's all that matters to me. As for the HELNIUS fight, what difference does it make--DQ or TKO? The one thing that I like the best is that this fiight hopefully slows down the Jake Paul and attendant freak show insanity.