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The Twitterverse Lights Up with a Chorus of Appreciation for Shawn Porter

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    America would be a lot better off if more of us were like the Porters, Kenny and son Shawn. No grievances, no excuses, no complaining…just love, more love and of course, personal responsibility for one’s actions. Up in Maine, I live in the town of Porter and around here a porter is the guy you tip at the fairgrounds bathroom for his taking such good care of it.

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  • ArneK.
    Thanks for sharing that Oubobcat. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the missus and the little twins.

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  • Kid Blast
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  • oubobcat
    I know its been awhile but I am still around following the sport and reading the articles here on TSS. I was hoping to be in Erie, PA for a club show but dad duty called instead.

    Anyway great story here on Porter who is someone I am glad to see retire after a tremendous career and hope he stays involved in the sport. He is a great ambassador.

    I know I told this story before but I'll rehash it again off memory. Back a few years ago during HOF weekend in Canastota Porter made an appearance. He went thru a training session with his father in the ring they had set up on the HOF grounds and afterward went to the pavilion to sign autographs.

    The line was very long and I am not really an autograph seeker but was a huge fan of Porter. He was from northeast Ohio as was I and someone I'd been following since he turned pro. Since there wasn't much else going on at the moment I decided to get in line with my wife, albeit towards the end, on the off chance that I could meet and talk with Porter for just a moment. But having been to Canastota many times figured my odds were long as shortly he'd probably be shoed from stage by organizers and I'd probably have a better chance sitting at Dunkin Donuts hoping he may stop by later in the day.

    Anyway to my surprise he stayed and signed autographs for over an hour. As we were getting closer I saw some organizers approach him and inform him that he should probably get going. Porter literally sneered at the them and told them he was not leaving the stage until he met everyone that was waiting in line. One of the organizers told him that may take two hours or so and Porter's response was I don't care I am not moving.

    I did get to talk with him and his dad. We talked Cavs basketball, the Russell Jordan fight which I attended and got a really nice photo. And he was true to his word that he stayed until the line no more. It had to have been well over two hours. Just a classy guy and as I stated earlier I really hope he stays around the sport as there wouldn't be a better ambassador for boxing.

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  • The Twitterverse Lights Up with a Chorus of Appreciation for Shawn Porter

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    By Arne K. Lang

    Shawn Porter was stopped in the 10th round by Terence Crawford this past Saturday in Las Vegas. The decision to stop the fight wasn’t made by the referee, but by Shawn’s father and trainer Kenny Porter. Pop’s decision didn’t sit well with the audience at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

    Porter, 34, made a surprise announcement at the post-fight press conference; he announced his retirement. “I’m not going to be a gatekeeper,” he said. “That’s not the life I want to live. I never wanted to lead the life of a fighter who fought into his 40’s.”

    During a career that began in 2008, Porter compiled a record of 31-4-1. His first three setbacks – to Kell Brook (majority decision), Keith Thurman (razor-thin unanimous decision), and Errol Spence Jr (split decision) – could have easily gone the other way. His fight with Crawford was essentially even through the nine completed rounds.

    Few boxers of recent vintage were as respected as Shawn Porter. His announcement sparked a great outpouring of affection from well-wishers. Below is a sample culled from the reactions of noted boxing journalists:

    “What a terrific warrior this guy is. ShowtimeShawnP went out of his way to chase down the very best and gave his all each and every time. Asides from that, he was an intelligent, down to earth and charming personality. He’s everything that’s good about this sport.” – TOM GRAY

    “He’ll be remembered as one of the most beloved figures in the sport whose jovial personality and infectious smile outside the ring didn’t match the scowl and intensely competitive nature he demonstrated inside.” – ANDREAS HALE

    “Porter had too much pride, too much ambition to be relegated to a tier below the best. And that unwillingness to pursue greatness, in an era when this is noticeably absent, will be a lasting part of his legacy.” – BEN BABY

    “Shawn Porter created the blueprint. Fight everyone. Give maximum effort. Leave fans satisfied. Be kind. Be respectful. So when you transition into broadcasting, your words mean something. Major props.” – DAN CANOBBIO

    “Porter talked about Terence Crawford being ‘different’. The truth is Shawn is as different as it gets. He fights everyone fans want him to fight. He never makes excuses. He’s respectful even when disrespected. He deals with a loss with dignity. In a win, he still honors his opponent. Shawn is mean in the ring but wears the biggest smile outside of it. Shawn is the best kind of different.” – KATE ABDO

    “He was one of boxing’s truly admirable fighters, particularly in an era where so many top names are reluctant to take the true risk in a big fight that is not only big because it’s marketed well, but because both fighters came in with an actual chance of winning.” – SCOTT CHRIST

    “Good luck to ShowtimeShawnP in retirement. A fine fighter, a class act, a credit to the sport, and a two-time world champion. A career to be proud of.” – SHAUN BROWN


    Porter said he gave the decision a lot of thought in the weeks and months leading up to his bout with Crawford: “I’m prepared to retire. I was prepared to announce my retirement tonight, win, lose or draw.” Nevertheless, let’s not be too quick to assume that Porter’s decision is etched in stone. History informs us that a fighter’s first retirement usually doesn’t stick.

    If Porter is pulled back to the ring someday -- if the siren song becomes too strong to resist -- we should forgive him. The late, great trainer Angelo Dundee, when asked why he was always so pleasant, said, “it doesn’t cost any more to be nice.”

    Shawn Porter intrinsically understood that.

    Check out more boxing news on video at the Boxing Channel