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Should Russian Boxers Be Barred from Competing? Results of a New TSS Survey

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    From Jacquie Richardson, Founder of RBF: "If Russian boxers are allowed to leave Russia to meet an American boxer in the ring in any other civilized country, those Russian boxers damn well better win or Putin will punish them one way or another! Until the invasion of Ukraine has ended, I do not think it’s even possible for sport to transcend this war. For now, I am with the Klitschko brothers. It’s Putin’s war. He’s already holding an American Athlete hostage. At this point, no other American athletes should be subject to Putin’s instability."


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      From freelance boxing writer Danny Howard: "Absolutely not. Boxing at its heart is a global sport, and it would be unprecedented that as awful as this crisis is now that we would ban fighters from competing against each other. I don't know about others, but I sure as hell prefer to have my sports free of politics."


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        Former boxer and promotor Jimmy Lang says via email just in: "To tell the truth I personally hate to see a warrior kept from his sport for any other reason than his own choosing."


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          I'd love to re-do this one now after what we have seen in Ukraine.