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The Hauser Report: Beterbiev-Smith and More

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  • The Hauser Report: Beterbiev-Smith and More

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    By Thomas Hauser

    Boxing is never easy. But Artur Beterviev (now 18-0 with 18 knockouts) made it look that way when he stopped Joe Smith (28-3, 22 KOs, 2 KOs by) in a 175-pound title-unification bout at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

    Beterebiev age 37, was born in Russia and has lived in Montreal for more than a decade. All but one of his fights have been in Canada or the United States. He won the vacant IBF 175-pound title by knocking out the unheralded Enrico Koelling in 2017 and added the WBC belt to his collection by stopping Oleksandr Gvozdyk two years later. His other title defenses have been against Callum Johnson, Radivoje Kalajdzic, Adam Deines, and Marcus Browne. He's a dangerous fighter.

    Smith, age 32, had been widely regarded as a high-level club fighter. Then, on December 17, 2016, he knocked out 51-year-old Bernard Hopkins in the final fight (and sole KO by) of The Executioner's illustrious ring career. That raised Joe's profile. But he lost two of his next three bouts (against Sullivan Barrera and Dmitry Bivol). Victories over Jesse Hart and Eleider Alvarez began the rebuilding process. On April 10, 2021, Smith won a majority decision over Maxin Vlasov to claim the WBO 175-pound belt. A January 15, 2022, stoppage of Steve Geffrard followed.

    Beterbiev was a 7-to-1 betting favorite. Smith is at his best in the trenches but that's where Artur shines brightest. The conventional wisdom was that Joe would give it everything he had but that what he had wouldn't be good enough. His strengths as a fighter played into Beterbiev's. And everything that Joe can do in a boxing ring, Artur does better.

    It was hard to find an impartial observer who wasn't picking Beterbiev to win by knockout. The prevailing view was that Smith wouldn't be intimidated but that he would be ground down and beaten up. Artur is a champion and top-level fighter. Smith was a belt-holder who wanted to become a champion. There's a difference.

    There were no surprises on fight night. Fighters in the red corner won seven out of seven undercard bouts. There was no surprise in the main event either.

    Smith came out aggressively at the opening bell, determined to live or die with what he does best. Beterbiev responded in kind. He knocked Joe down toward the end of round one and twice more in the next stanza with a barrage of punches that were like ocean waves crashing against the shore. Words like "obliterate" and "demolish" come to mind. He thoroughly outboxed Joe in addition to outpunching him. Referee Harvey Dock appropriately stopped the bout with Smith on wobbly legs at 2:19 of the second round.

    The most intriguing next fight for Beterbiev would be a unification bout against WBA 175-pound champion Dmitry Bivol for the "undisputed" light-heavyweight crown. When asked in a post-fight interview whether he preferred Bivol or WBO "mandatory" challenger Anthony Yarde as his next opponent, Artur responded, "Unification fights is more interesting, is more motivation. I prefer unify."

    But this is boxing. So, in his next bout, Beterbiev will likely face Yarde (who was knocked out by Sergey Kovalev and split two fights against Lyndon Arthur).

    * * *

    Beterbiev-Smith was contested seven days after a particularly disturbing incident that occurred on another Top Rank fight card at the Hulu Theater.

    I've written at length about the inadequacies of the New York State Athletic Commission. On June 11, these inadequacies were exposed again.

    Dakota Linger had been brought to New York from West Virginia as an opponent for heavily favored Josue Vargas. Forty seconds into round two, Linger rocked Vargas with a hard right hand. Josue staggered backward and fell to the canvas. Inexplicably, referee Ron Lipton ruled the knockdown a slip.

    ESPN blow-by-blow commentator Bernard Osuna responded to Lipton's ruling with the declaration, "It's called a slip. Unbelievable! That was a right hand that hurt Vargas."

    The action resumed. Linger threw three dozen unanswered punches, many of them blows to the head, that culminated in Vargas being blasted through the ropes. Rather than stop the fight, Lipton gave the obviously woozy Vargas a count and, when the fighter regained his feet, allowed the carnage to continue.

    "Vargas is not all right," Osuna told a national television audience with urgency in his voice. "He's finished."

    Twelve more unanswered punches followed with ESPN expert analyst Timothy Bradley shouting, "Omigod! Stop the fight! Stop the fight! Stop the fight! Stop the fight!"

    Finally, several ringside personnel climbed onto the ring apron and ended the slaughter. As of this writing, the atrocity can be seen on YouTube at

    How bad was it? The Mirror (one of the United Kingdom's more popular news outlets) ran an article headlined "Boxing Referee Accused of Trying to Get Fighter Killed by Not Stopping Fight." That was hyperbolic. But undisputed world lightweight champion Devin Haney wasn't when he posted on social media, "This type of stuff will ruin a fighter forever."

    It can also leave a fighter with permanent brain damage.

    After the bout, Vargas was hospitalized for observation.

    "It doesn't matter who the house fighter is," Timothy Bradley told this writer one week after the carnage. "it doesn't matter what the fans want to see. The referee has to stop that fight and he didn't."

    The New York State Athletic Commission fails consistently to take corrective measures when confronted with poor refereeing and judging. Meanwhile, not a single NYSAC commissioner or executive director Kim Sumbler attended the June 18 fight card at Madison Square Garden.

    Is this New York governor Kathy Hochul's idea of good government?

    * * *

    Ring judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo has turned in some horrible scorecards; most notably her 117-110 tally in favor of Gabriel Maestre in a WBA title fight against Mykal Fox last August. But her conduct away from the ring has been worse.

    Martinez has a history of making racist comments on social media. By way of example, in a July 11, 2020, post on Twitter mocking Black Lives Matter, she wrote, "Black Goya beans matter." In an August 18, 2020, Twitter post, she referred to Michele Obama as "monkey face."

    On June 11, Daniel Dubois knocked out Trevor Bryan in the fourth round of a WBA heavyweight "world" title fight at Casino Miami Jai Alai in Florida. One of the judges assigned to the bout was Gloria Martinez Rizzo.

    Florida governor Ron DeSantis oversees the Florida State Athletic Commission. Perhaps he finds Rizzo's conduct and remarks acceptable. They aren't.

    Thomas Hauser's email address is His most recent book – Broken Dreams: Another Year Inside Boxing – was published by the University of Arkansas Press. In 2004, the Boxing Writers Association of America honored Hauser with the Nat Fleischer Award for career excellence in boxing journalism. In 2019, he was selected for boxing's highest honor - induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

    Photo credit: Mikey Williams / Top Rank via Getty Images

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    Russians are kicking asss in the ring.

    And in Ukraine. Be all over soon fellas.


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      Originally posted by Kid Blast
      Hauser has had a lengthy thing about Ron Lipton. Part of it may be due to the fact Ron does not kiss his Lordship's butt. Whatever the case, I''m sick of his nastyiness and mean sprited and accusatory approach.
      I watched the fight and have my own opinion.

      What would be pertinent though to this part of the story is whether or not Hauser attempted to interview Lipton prior to submitting the story? If he did and Lipton said no then fair game. But if no attempt was made not sure if writing this is appropiate given we are missing a very important side to the story.

      Officiating is very difficult and I think before we look back in hindsight (which is incredibly easy to do) it is important to at least attempt to get the point of view of all parties. I use to referee soccer and arm chair observers almost always nailed everything I may or may not have missed.

      Incidentally Joe Smith Jr was also taken to the hospital for observation following his loss to Beterbiev but that was not noted by Hauser though he did praise the referee in that fight for appropiately stopping the bout.


      • Kid Blast
        Kid Blast commented
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        Great post No, Hauser did not interveiw Lipton and that, IMO, possibly refects on what appears to be a long-term dislike. I for one would love to hear what Ron has to say.
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      I’m glad he mentioned Governor Ron DeSantis. ❤️

      Many of us Patriots can’t decide if it should be him or President Trump who takes over for Sleepy Joe soon.


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        "Florida governor Ron DeSantis oversees the Florida State Athletic Commission. Perhaps he finds Rizzo's conduct and remarks acceptable. They aren't." Let's stick with boxing. The Governor probably doesn't even know who she is. A reach to satisfy the writer's liberal bent?.
        Last edited by Kid Blast; 06-23-2022, 07:00 AM.


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          Listen Ted when I come over to your house on Saturday afternoon for the Sares Family yard sale (old stupid books for a nickel 😉) Billy Cuccio the January 6th Patriot who hosted a TRUMP RALLY across the street from your house at his lobster 🦞 restaurant better be there!


          • Kid Blast
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            no chance..........................

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          Quote from the Movie Psycho: “Sometimes Norman is all Norman and other times he is all Mother.”

          I have a two part response to what Tom Hauser wrote in his exaggerated attack on me complete with his embellishments.

          First I will address the fight itself from my point of view then once again later in another post I will address his personal motivation, bias and angst against me that has existed for a long time.

          I take full responsibility for not stopping the bout sooner and make no excuses but offer an explanation.

          The fault is mine and no one else's and I deserve to take some heat for sure.

          I am my own worst critic and strive to be better each fight and stop fights sooner than later. I know this will never happen again.

          I have all my films and no one has ever gotten hurt on my watch and I have refereed many well known champions past and present since 1991, Holyfield, De La Hoya, Roberto Duran, Tommy Morrison, Pernell Whitiker, Teofimo Lopez, Ryan Garcia, many of Mike Tyson’s opponents along with female fighters like Mikeala Mayer et al.

          Without deflecting, the record clearly shows Hauser’s deafening silence on the much more serious referee mistakes made by his referee friend’s long history in crippling fighters, ring death and permitting major fouls all of which is glaring proof how personal his attacks are on me in comparison.

          Any fighter I have ever refereed walked out of that ring on their own volition with no follow up injuries.

          I will try to explain some things which do not excuse anything but perhaps will give you some understanding from my referee's point of view.

          I was not given any NYSAC work for 8 full months 3/4 of a year since Nov 27, 2021. I first got into the ring on June 11th to do a 4 round prelim bout with Frevian Gonzalez Robles v Refugio Montellano which went without a hitch.

          One major factor I ask anyone to take notice of is that had refereed Josue Vargas for 10 brutal rounds of give and take in Madison Square Garden's big arena against Noel Murphy.

          I saw first hand Vargas take hard punishment and with resilience come blazing back to take the decision and a minor title belt. He is adept at going to the ropes doing an Ali rope a dope and making the other fighter miss to tire them out.

          In the dressing room giving Vargas the rules on June 11, 2022 it was made clear to me how important this bout was to him as a fighter of Puerto Rican origin the day before the Puerto Rican Day parade. He had won a comeback bout after losing by KO to Jose Zepeda.

          This was my first mistake and one I never have never made before or ever will again.

          I gave him too many chances because of his hometown crowd and because it was the 2nd round and early in the fight, combined with me seeing him recover before and come back to win.

          I told him and his chief second emphatically if he was taking too many CLEAN punches I would warn him to show me defense, offense and that he could defend himself or if he did not want me to stop the fight if caught on the ropes he could by choice take a knee which would count as a knockdown.

          I told this to both fighters.

          Please see these videos with the sound off.


          Look at this film from my angle as the referee and count the punches missed, uppercuts missed, left hooks over his head, on the gloves and shoulder and then the clean TWO head shots that landed, then me moving in to stop the bout when an inspector jumped onto the ring apron.





          He got caught a good right hand that staggered him, YES!.

          Then as he backed up and Dakota Linger pursued him then Linger's body smashed into Vargas contributing to his fall to the canvas.

          That is NOT A DECISIVE knockdown caused only by a legal punch and if ruled so would have put Vargas 2 points in the hole unjustly as he went down from a body smash contact.

          The commentators missed Linger bumping him to the canvas. If Vargas was dropped from the right hand immediately that then is a decisive knockdown.

          When he was knocked through the ropes he received the mandatory 8 count and I was considering stopping it then and there and with hindsight it would be justified.

          Yet, it was the second round early in the fight and I have seen him come back strong.

          If I had to do it over again I would have stopped it there.

          I told him immediately he was taking too many shots and I WOULD STOP THE BOUT unless he showed me some defense etc. He then went to the ropes and you see on film the punches that missed and only two clean shot landing.

          Vargas did not go down, he left the ring on his own accord and yes I should have stopped the fight sooner despite me trying to give him every chance in the book.

          I was wrong and I admit I should have stopped it sooner.

          There have been much worse stoppages which are forgiven including ring deaths and cripplings and those referees have been given more work including major world title fights without one word from Hauser.

          You can believe that I am deeply upset with myself for not stopping it sooner.

          Once again I saw punches missing, some landing and I have seen this guy come back before while tiring the other fighter doing his Ali rope a dope, but this night I made the mistake of not acting sooner.

          Thank God he is OK and I am deeply sorry and take as I said full responsibility.

          I always pray with my family before I leave for a fight that God protect the fighters and give me the wisdom to give them every chance and make sure they are OK.

          I had many fights in the ring and was paid to box with the legends, I know what the fights mean to them and the boxer’s safety and health mean everything to me


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            P.S. My response for the personal embellishments in Hauser's attack article will follow, it is in the wake of years of doing this to me that are all personal which will be explained later. Many people in boxing know this.
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              Very much so and for a long time, I will address it as it needs to be addressed. Probably tomorrow.


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                I have a couple of frivolous things in the way like work and taking care of a disabled person, unlike Norman whose life is to write poison all day long with laudatory pieces as needed on people who will allow him access to further his specific agenda. Will get to it.
                Last edited by Ron Lipton; 06-24-2022, 02:31 PM.


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                  After being inducted in the IBHOF Hauser decided on Father’s day to write his scathing response to the prelim bout I refereed and submit it to ruin a Father’s day for me and for all the people at NYSAC.

                  Being lucky enough to be inducted was not enough for Norman he wanted to inflict some more poison via his way.

                  In my opinion he deserved to be inducted into the hall of fame as much as Hitler being honored by the Holocaust survivors or at the very least Liberace being inducted for having candelabra.


                  His votes come mostly from boxing writers who are his friends as he was the President of the B.W.A.A. and campaigned vigorously for it with quid pro quo fervor.

                  Bernard Fernandez who asked me to write a comment for his book deserved to be inducted as a decent man and a superb boxing writer who does not specialize in a Hedda Hopperesque / Dalton Trumbo agenda like Hauser.

                  There are people who voted for and sadly put up with Norman.

                  These are people who desperately want, hope, work for and desperately need to be inducted one day into the IBHOF with his boxing writer pal’s support and still sadly try to curry favor with Norman just so they don’t have to experience the Mother side of him.

                  Leaving politics totally out of my post please, I none the less compare this Norman Bates situation to a similar one. They do not fear Norman but they fear Mother. I do not.

                  It is akin to many politicians, enablers, friends with an agenda today who refuse to say anything about Donald Trump for fear of not being able to win a primary without his support, many of these boxing people will similarly not call out Norman and instead refuse to see him as he is as they don’t want to deal with mother hurting their chances or writing about them.

                  When I refereed Holyfield v Mercer, Donald Trump was at ringside and spent time with my son Brett reading articles Brett showed him. He yelled up to me after the fight, “Great job Ron.” He took us out to dinner later. Yet if I was with him today I would tell him the truth about what I do not like about some things he did. That’s me for better or worse.

                  As for me, every time I see Hauser his cruel behavior and his loathsome efforts in ferreting up supposed dirt on people makes me sick to my stomach.

                  He desperately wants and has wanted and campaigned for many years to be Commissioner of the NYSAC and writes often to the Governor trying to remove whatever Commissioner is there while making a case for himself as ridiculous as that is as some kind of all seeing boxing expert which is a joke.

                  The exemption to his attacks is his friend who he still shills for who was one of the worst NYSAC Commissioners ever, who like Norman bought his way into what he wanted, lied in two publicized articles on line and on his application about being a Florida Golden Glove Champion when in fact at age 30 this attorney tried to get into the ring with a 17 year old sub novice and got the crap knocked out of him and lost his one and only fight yet claimed in writing to Albany and to two reporters that he was a Florida Golden Glove Champion.

                  He blackballed me and prevented me from working citing my past rift with Hauser. Years ago I called Hauser and asked him to put a stop to it and he refused. His pal kept blackballing me until he was removed by the Dept of State. Hauser’s revenge on me has been relentless and he recruits his friends to do the same in their writings.

                  As to Hauser he isn’t even remotely a George Plimpton type of fellow like his pal tried to be.

                  The thought of Norman getting up from his chair in the dressing room of boxers with his bony leg folded over the other, standing up and throwing combinations or even hitting a heavy bag would be as horrifying as seeing Primo Carnera in a negligee.

                  Yet he is heralded as a boxing expert? How, where did that expertise come from?

                  I have seen Norman in the M.S.G. dressing rooms digging up dirt, interfering with NYSAC business and pumping his snitches.

                  He misuses his friendships with a promoter, commentators, and announcers and unlike other reporters he weasels his way exclusively into the dressing rooms.

                  In his non ending hit piece articles on NYSAC he gets a lot of his information from two snitches at NYSAC with an agenda.

                  I have seen him do this with two of his snitches one was an inspector and got promoted and the other still is one and who dated his best friend.

                  I have personally seen this with my own eyes before Hauser did an expose article on the NYSAC Executive Director.

                  At the fights he has gone over to both these snitches and the word is he is in constant touch with the former girlfriend of his pal and fellow lawyer, the former commissioner.

                  Hauser still shills for him to become Commissioner again along with himself while fighting to remove the present Commission and keep me down while I am doing well.

                  With this recent fight and me not stopping in timely fashion, which I take the blame for, Hauser made it a point to jump on it.

                  Yet this former Commissioner was removed by the Department of State for causing too much turmoil and forced to resign.

                  They made believe it was voluntary but it wasn’t as we all remember Albany sending down people to remove him.

                  Norman’s silence is deafening regarding some of the other referee’s horrific and tragic mistakes that he avoids calling out and naming them.

                  One, the son of his former partner who campaigned together with him to become Commissioner, the others he shills for as he heard he wanted to become a lawyer like him and avoids writing anything about this referee’s bout altering errors.

                  Not one word from Norman.

                  Nothing about the Conn Commission overruling the referee’s call, nothing about the NJ Commissioner sending out a notice for the other officials not to do what this referee did in a recent bout, nothing in the past about allowing a fighter to be hit twice on the deck nothing from Norman.

                  Mother was absent then as he was in naming that referee for a ring death, for making a fighter continue on while crippled. I have Norman’s articles and it is selective attacks only for him.

                  Hauser’s silence on those issues are a matter of record, if he wrote anything it was short and fluff.

                  He has hounded me relentlessly since 1991 and getting his boxing writer pal or two to do the same which I will list below later.

                  He got the present President of the B.W.A.A Norman’s close pal who he is photographed with often with his arm around him. to put me on a watch list for allowing two rabbit punches and then claiming the boxer was not warned.

                  I sent old Joe the film I slowed down showing both punches completely missing, one glancing off of the shoulder and the other completely missing. NOT ONE WORD BACK OR RETRACTION.

                  On Randy’s Ringside Randy Gordon spoke about viewing the film showing the punches missed.

                  Hauser’s pal at his behest so I am told let the rotten lie still stand.

                  Then Hauser on his own saw me saying hi to Michael Buffer who was calling my fights since the early 90’s and always introduced me as “Championship Boxing Man, Ron Lipton.

                  Hauser walked all the way across the Hulu Theater just to ask Buffer “What did Ron Lipton say to you?”

                  Buffer told him “Ron asked me if I was going to give him the introduction like I always did as I did for the other referee.”

                  Hauser wrote an article about it and then put it in his book.

                  I wrote Buffer about it and in the E-mail back to me Mike said, “Your question to me was perfectly OK and if I knew Hauser was going to do something like that Ron I never would have talked to him”

                  I posted the E-mail from Buffer in my defense, and the Hauser started having lunch with Mike and wrote, whenever Michael Buffer is in town we meet and have lunch.

                  Another rotten example of Norman misusing friendships to hurt others.

                  When Norman needs favors from people he writes laudatory articles about them first.

                  Examples of this which are nauseating to me are Norman wrote an article about then Commissioner Tom Hoover praising him so that Norman would be allowed in the dressing rooms of the boxers where other reporters were not.

                  Then when Hoover took over from Norman’s pal David Berlin, Berlin with help and advice told the Inspector General Hoover got a free fight ticket for his son and had Hoover removed in revenge for having him removed.

                  Articles keep flowing from Norman in his relentless attack on any NYSAC commission other than his pal David Berlin’s all the while suggesting they bring Berlin back and of course then carte blanche access for Norman to the inner sanctum.

                  Next in line for praise article were Arne Lang who graciously allows Hauser to post on his site which Hauser wants to keep doing, then another praise article on promoter Lou DiBella who Hauser has bragged allows him to get into the M.S.G dressing rooms.

                  I like Lou and I like Arne. Lou told my son your Father is a great referee which my son thanked him for. Arne has always been fair to me too.

                  Norman is thought of by many as a *****y vengeful coward who hides behind his scathing attacks.

                  Hauser’s relationship with Ali is a total façade and as early as last week I spoke to one of the most important surviving close members of Ali’s camp who described Hauser as a “P.O.S.”

                  He reiterated what Ali told me personally back in 1991 when I was the senior boxing consultant on “Muhammad Ali, the Whole Story.”

                  Hauser was never Ali’s kind of guy,” I asked Ali how he could put up with Hauser fawning over him so much, Ali then made the money sign with his fingers rubbing together and then made a gesture imitating a feminine limp wrist.”

                  Ali like Rocky Marciano never held anyone’s life style against them, he loved all people.

                  Yet Hauser was always like the kid no one wants on their team and they pick him last. He desperately wants to be one of the guys and never can because he is not that type of person.

                  Ali treated me as someone very close to him that knew him since 1962 and we stayed pals and did many things together.

                  Hauser followed him to Zaire, used his money to follow him everywhere but he was never liked by Ali as someone close.

                  Hauser like his pal the former NYSAC commissioner, bought his way in, paid his way in, traveled his way in with one project offer after another then made Ali his whole life with endless bullshit articles, photos, books, all designed to make Norman feel more like a man who was close to Ali.

                  Hauser did everything he could do to get Ali’s family and relatives to accept and like him, you had to see it to believe it. It was obvious, transparent and the most obsequious relentless approach I have ever witnessed.

                  Yet Ali himself could see right through him as Hauser was writing a book on Ali at the time.

                  The book which won awards was simply a “Rain Man” approach, writing down furiously whatever anyone else said about Ali like a Citizen Kane project.
                  Nothing original from the author only a compilation of what everyone else said.

                  Hauser relentlessly curried favor with Ali’s wife and friends and years later Hauser likes to write about Ali coming to dinner at his Manhattan condo and endless pieces on Ali and his “Friendship” with Ali.

                  Yet the angst from Norman comes from knowing that Ali loved me for me, not for money, not for projects promised by Hauser but just for me, as Ali has said publicly in many forums about me and him.

                  Whenever Hauser saw Ali with me and Ali’s arm around me he went into a Brokeback Mountain visible panic and this is when I first saw the Mother side of Norman in 1991 against me.

                  I traveled and lived with Ali on West 11th street during the project and worked 16 hours a day on the project.

                  Near the end Hauser told us all it was “A chintzy project,” to which I told him off but hard.

                  He never forgot it and all through the years he made it a point to harass me and get others to do the same.

                  Long ago Hauser campaigned very hard with Arthur Mercante Sr to become Commissioner of the NYSAC.

                  It was a dismal failure and one former Commissioner categorized their policies and ideas as antiquated and too political.

                  Hauser writings regarding boxing which is what we are talking about fall into two categories I will mention later.

                  I was a dear friend with Billy Costello, we spent time at each other’s homes working out together. We worked fights together including Billy’s last fight as a judge in Poughkeepsie.

                  Hauser got into boxing writing about Billy in “Black Lights.” That’s it.

                  I have heard fighters and other boxing people complain about Hauser in the dressing rooms.

                  He stares at the boxers while they are getting dressed and undressed, while all the other reporters sit in the press section unable to come into where we prepare for the events. I've seen him do it.

                  It is an abomination that he is uniquely allowed in the dressing rooms and uses that time to attack the commission and the officials in his writings which are all designed to further his agenda to become the person in charge of the Commission.

                  The pent up energy going in disturbing vendetta directions this man has is sad.

                  He is reported to never be seen with any kind of companion ever, woman or man which is his business.

                  He claims he does not need boxing but takes the time out of his life as someone who never had a glove on in his life to criticize every single commission and me as a former fighter, referee and NY and NJ Hall of fame inductee.

                  Any NYSAC Commission that does not employ him or his friend is his target and me because of a decades old animus.

                  He lunches with promoters, announcers, currying their favor by writing attacks exempting them from that and finally through the boxing writer friends he has he questionably gets into the IBHOF.

                  His methods is always to write a horrific attack, then follow it up with I’m a nice guy piece to butter someone up to deflect.

                  Watch for it.

                  His endless hit pieces against the New York State Athletic Commission and persons he wishes held back are always fraught with embellishments or outright lies and distortions.

                  The record which is long shows his attacks on me are for personal reasons combined with endless letters to the Governor so that Hauser can be appointed to the Commission which would be a fiasco.

                  His other articles as mentioned are obsequious, transparent laudatory articles designed to falsely flatter and written in a timely fashion depending on Norman’s needs about people whose help he needs to keep doing what he is doing.

                  I have already claimed responsibility for not stopping my recent prelim bout sooner in my former post along with an explanation from my P.O.V. Anyone that knows me as a respected veteran referee and boxing man knows this was an extreme rarity and certainly will never happen again.

                  Absolutely none of what I am writing here is to deflect my responsibility or to criticize any other referee only to point out my point of view from inside the ring,

                  Hauser’s absolute bias and why it exists shows the glaring and extreme disparity in the overkill he uses as an excuse to attack the Commission and me.

                  As written by me before, I knew what the fight meant to Vargas before the Puerto Rican day Parade, I refereed him before 10 hard rounds in M.S.G and he always came back.

                  My mistake was twofold, I gave him too many chances from refereeing him before and seeing him come back strong and should have made him take a step forward after the mandatory 8 count, the punches I saw missing later on the ropes later were also a factor.

                  I was wrong and in hindsight would and should have stopped it earlier.

                  This was not Beathaven Scotland v George Kalid Jones, nor Yuri Foreman v Cotto, or Whitiker v Huertado, or Mike Perez v Mago, or Chris Algieri getting hit on the deck twice by Ruslan Provodnikov all of which along with so much more was fluffed over by Hauser due to friendship.

                  I started pro refereeing in 1991 and have been honored to have refereed many boxing legends, going back 31 years no one has gotten hurt on my watch and no one ever will.

                  No one made to fight on a crippled knee, no one ended up in a wheel chair for life, no one died, no one getting hit on the deck twice in a row no one getting bitten with me not seeing it and yet all these horrific medical incidents involved Hauser’s friends who he shills for with not one comment from him naming the referees in his articles always fluffing it over for them but coming after me like an Apache raid at dawn.

                  There a lot of heat from me not stopping the bout earlier that is absolutely merited and I accept that fully but not the frenzied hyperbole that does not fit the situation by a light year.

                  It partly comes from people jumping onto the ring apron, one of which has a very strange history with me and my son about getting his face on camera and some other more serious things.

                  One week later we have a film of another fight same venue with many more punches landed and not one word from Hauser nor did anyone jump on the ring apron.
                  I posted a video of my referee point of view of the 4 punches missed and the 2 head shots and 2 body shots landed on the ropes when the bout was stopped.

                  Please see these videos with the sound off.


                  PUNCHES MISSED ON ROPES:


                  I also asked to slow down the film on the first time Vargas went down in the 2nd round after being staggered by a right hand and moved back.

                  Linger’s body collided with him a moment before he went to the canvas and can be seen on film. Look at it in slow motion and look for the body impact that sent him down. I saw it up close which negated it being called a decisive knockdown.

                  All put together this pales in comparison to referee incidents by Hauser’s friends that he never came close to complaining about in this fashion but as far as Hauser once again jumping in that is another story.

                  Hauser’s history with me is tainted, transparent, biased and ugly.

                  What is riling is the aristocratic pretense he enjoys displaying along with a snotty pomposity unless he needs to curry favor with someone to further his agenda.

                  No matter what I do now or in the future Tom will be there to criticize me but others have carte blanche to make any bout altering mistake in the ring without him writing a thing about it with the same nastiness he reserves for me.

                  He wants to be in charge of the NYSAC which is dangerous with his biased and conflicting relationships with promoters, referees and distorted sense of revenge.
                  That kind of appointment would be like Hedda Hopper being in charge of the UFC.
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                    Curiously, Hauser has said (in an article about Steve Smoger), "Boxing is a cesspool. Promoters have admitted paying bribes to world sanctioning organizations. Too many state athletic commission officials are corrupt. Conflicts of interest are taken for granted..." Yet he seems to have no issues writing about it continuously. If it's that bad, get out of the lane. You can't have it both ways.
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                      "He got the present President of the B.W.A.A Norman’s close pal who he is photographed with often with his arm around him. to put me on a watch list for allowing two rabbit punches and then claiming the boxer was not warned.

                      "I sent old Joe the film I slowed down showing both punches completely missing, one glancing off of the shoulder and the other completely missing. NOT ONE WORD BACK OR RETRACTION."

                      I remember this and I was appalled by it and I let Santoliquito know. (Never heard back.) The dumb idea stopped shortly thereafter but not before they (BWAA) put you on some "watch" list and stained your reputation.

                      I later quit this organization when I found out that they were monitoring what another member was allegedly puting on Facebook and other social media--apparently far right political comments that did not meet the politically correct standards of the BWAA. While I did not agree with the comments, the fact that the BWAA and Santoloquito would do this was bile-inducing.


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                        I also remembered this:


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                          This s where the BWAA started with that inexplicable and shameful "watch." Sickening,

                          "In his rationale for calling out Cole, BWAA prexy Joseph Santoliquito leaned heavily on Thomas Hauser’s critique of Cole’s performance in The Sweet Science. “Velasco fought courageously and as well as he could,” noted Hauser. “But at the end of round seven he was a thoroughly beaten fighter.'

                          "Complaints of ineptitude, says the WBAA, will be evaluated by a “rotating committee of select BWAA members and respected boxing experts.” In subsequent years, says the press release, the watch list will be published quarterly in the months of April, August, and December (must be the new math)."
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