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    The Internet has a lot of pros
    And it has a lot of transformations noticeable on our lives.
    If we wanted to listen to the Holy Quran in the voice of a particular elder or reader, we needed a recording device.
    And with the tape tape on it, the name of the wall, because there was not much inside it.
    This was causing space to be taken out of the house and needed to occupy a whole part, especially if it was more than a reader of the museum, we needed a special corner or a peer's library.
    Now with a click of a button you can access all elders and all readings and download the entire Quran on the computer or listen directly to it
    There are a lot of sites that provide loading services and listening services or both
    But some prefer to keep the pairing in rings without listening and repeating
    Save time and effort as there are online seminars that save you time to go or go
    All needed is Internet, RAS hearing and computer
    To communicate with the best place to memorize the horn online
    For More
    quran website
    online quran teachers
    online quran classes
    learn quran
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