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    Keeping the Quran easy
    Where it became unrelated to place and time
    The way of life has become faster than the same before saving time it is possible to use your computer and a quiet room
    Participation in an academy to teach the Koran about the rules of tajweed properly
    You can read the Quran, hear and follow
    You can keep the pairing by repeating the verses and hearing them from the elders, but in this way
    You will not recognize the rules for recitation
    Also the motivation and encouragement factor you will not find available with save with yourself
    Preservation with the Academy of Quran Memorization will differentiate in the memorization of the Quran by rules
    Set a goal and plan that the Academy commits you to

    For more.......................
    online quran classes

    learn quran

    online quran teachers
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