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    being a teacher of the Holy Koran is a great favor of God, given to a slave to present his message in his land.

    Every letter in the teaching of the Holy Koran has a quality of 10 times that of the Holy Koran.

    So whoever teaches the Holy Koran takes from God a mountain of benevolence, and God doubles for those who want it.

    In order to be a teacher, you must learn the Holy Koran in good faith and be good at reading it.

    You have to have an easy way of keeping my nerves clean and complicated.

    Being able to develop a conservation program that fits all capabilities

    Because a child's habit of keeping the Koran constantly grows his conservation talent.

    You have a strong personality to control the pupils and keep them in attendance and keep them very good.

    But being a teacher basically goes back to learning you're right at the hands of an academy like Alif Arabic Academy.

    Which qualifies you as a teacher.

    And if you're qualified and you want to join our team, just join through the next link.