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  1. Tempolgin

    Guides for Roblox

    Same here! I think Roblox has a bit of a learning curve, especially for new users. Guides can really help you get started and improve your skills. It’s a fun way to learn about different game designs as well. For me even using aimbot for roblox is helpful, because i cannot always properly do...
  2. Tempolgin

    Where Lua is used?

    Lua is also popular in the field of web development, although maybe not as prominently as JavaScript or Python. It's used in web servers like Nginx through the Lua Nginx module, which allows you to extend Nginx's functionality with Lua scripts. I think that using such things as trigon evo is...
  3. Tempolgin

    Capstone project help

    Hey, folks! So, I've been diving into this capstone project for my final year, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Anyone here familiar with the whole capstone process?
  4. Tempolgin

    Becoming AML specialist

    I'm currently studying for my CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) certification, and it's a lot of work. There’s a significant amount of material to cover, especially around legal requirements and various AML techniques. But with the right study plan and resources, it’s doable...
  5. Tempolgin

    New games for fun

    Hi guys! I've been addicted to League of Legends for years now. Can't seem to get enough of it! I also dabble in some World of Warcraft when I'm in the mood for something more immersive. I also play various small games like which are kinda...
  6. Tempolgin

    Medical term paper

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to work on my medical term paper and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Does anyone have experience with these? Any tips on how to write them effectively?
  7. Tempolgin

    Find cool videos

    I've been watching a lot of science and nature documentaries lately. There are some amazing ones on YouTube and Netflix. And sometimes i have moments when i just want to search for porno videos and just watch, for any reasons really, because well you know we are all men and like such things
  8. Tempolgin

    Using supplements in fitness

    Supplements can offer a variety of benefits depending on what you're looking for. For starters, protein supplements like whey protein can help with muscle recovery and growth after workouts.