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  1. MichaMur

    What do you like to eat?

    Whenever I have a special occasion to celebrate or simply want to treat myself, a plate of chicken alfredo sauce with pasta or potatoes is my go-to choice for a satisfying and indulgent meal. The combination of creamy sauce, tender chicken, and perfectly cooked carbs never fails to bring a smile...
  2. MichaMur

    Get Linkedin Sales Navigator?

    Hey team, wondering if we should get LinkedIn Sales Navigator for the grants outreach team? Rationale The idea is that on LinkedIN sometimes DM’s are blocked (so you can’t message someone directly) or if a contact is a 3rd network connection their entire profile is blacked or blocked out, so...
  3. MichaMur

    Marketing on social media platforms

    It seems to me that it's worthless. I tried with a few posts and nothing good came out. I'm gonna go back to the old-fashioned ways of selling