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  1. Kid Blast

    R.I.P. Carlos Ortiz, Former Lightweight Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee

    With Tony DeMarco, Iron Mike Pusatari, and Carlos. I'm the only one left.
  2. Kid Blast

    A Disturbing Boxing Tragedy in South Africa:.

    Simiso Buthelezi was 4-0 going into his fight with Siphesihle Mntungwa (6-1-2) at the Greyville Convention Centre, Durban, SA on June 5. At stake was the vacant World Boxing Federation African Light Title Buthelezi quickly took control and remained ahead; in fact, he knocked his South African...
  3. Kid Blast

    One for the Old Guys

    Forty-three year old Lucas “Big Dady” Browne (31-3) defied Father Time on the Haney-Kambosos undercard when he KOd heavy favorite Junior Fa in the first round without breaking a sweat. Many thought he was done after he was knocked unconscious by a Dillian Whyte left in the sixth round in March...
  4. Kid Blast

    How about a shout out of love to Bernard Fernandez??

    He is going through some very difficult times right now and you may have read about it on Facebook. As his fellow-writers, I think he could use our collective support. He is probably the most decent person I have ever met in the boxing world. Love to you Bernard.
  5. Kid Blast

    "The Duke: The Life and Lies of Tommy Morrison"

    It's so easy to go after someone when he is gone and can't defend himself. This is terribly disgraceful on many levels. Talk about a hit piece.
  6. Kid Blast

    Is Taylor vs. Serrano Really the Biggest Women’s Fight Ever?

    With Christy back in the day. Thing I recalled the best was how she resembled a male fighter with her technique. Jabs, infighting, body work, and especially her combinations. Unlike phoney 'Trailblazer Jackie Tonawanda.' Christy was the real deal. Again, superb article.
  7. Kid Blast

    Wrapping It Up

    Fact is, I looked a bit like "Blast" as we were both Old School and kind of dressed the same.
  8. Kid Blast

    Wrapping It Up

    Great front man for Pantera and sometimes boxing writer, Phil Anselmo asks: "Why do you say, “time to fade away…”? help me understand, if you have a moment. my man! love ya Bull pa"
  9. Kid Blast

    Wrapping It Up

    I probably should have mentioned as a PostScript that, after a great run, I have also retired from powerlifting. This tumble l in Boston last year sealed the deal. Picked up the bar too quickly and torpedoed backward. Not a rarity but it was the first (and last) time that it has happened to me...
  10. Kid Blast

    Wrapping It Up

    From best friend, former fighter, referee, and judge Bob Benoit (37-8): "Well Ted, you have had a great career and have chosen not to hang around but to leave the Sweet Science on your own terms. Your decision is tempered by observing, for many years, those who have hung around too long and...
  11. Kid Blast

    Should Russian Boxers Be Barred from Competing? Results of a New TSS Survey

    Just so there is no confusion
  12. Kid Blast

    Super Bowl Sunday Special Edition: Remembering Lyle Alzado and Shane Dronett

    Yikes. That's a pretty sad tale. The Raiders with their bad-*** reputation and Lyle Alzado were a perfect fit. For sure. Big Ben Davidson
  13. Kid Blast

    Glimpses from the Past (Part Two)

    "Ding-A-Ling Man" connects with left hook and Ding-A-Lings.
  14. Kid Blast

    Vonda Ward: Much More Than a Highlight Reel

    The legendary Sue Fox, Pioneer World Class Boxer, Founder/President of WBAN™ and IWBHF, Retired Police Officer and musician sent me these two great photos--the one with Vonda and Ann before their fight and the other with Vonda posing her massive frame:
  15. Kid Blast

    Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

  16. Kid Blast

    A Snapshot of Hall of Fame Boxer Tony DeMarco Who Has Passed Away at Age 89

    May the Lord watch over Tony’s soul and grant him eternal peace. He was humble, accessible , and fun to be around. Never, ever an ego issue. Just an old school warrior willing to talk boxing with anyone and every one. And while he had suffered through some tough personal patches, he always...