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  1. oubobcat

    Trevor McCumby Fell Off The Map and Now He’s Back with a Big Fight on the Horizon

    Great read, I remember that fight with George and thought at the time McCumby had real star potential. It should be interesting to see how he fares with Plant all these years later.
  2. oubobcat

    Angelo Leo’s Homecoming Fight in Albuquerque was Fermented on ProBox

    Leo is a good fighter and showing he really believes in his abilities in taking the fight with Lopez. My guess is there were probably quite a few fighters who found a way to side step this fight before Leo got the call. Really enjoyed reading this and appreciate the coverage of theses type...
  3. oubobcat

    Results & Recaps from Miami where Teofimo Lopez Out-Classed Steve Claggett

    Lopez-Claggett reminded me of Canelo-Hatton. Claggett never stopped trying, kept punching but was never really a threat to Lopez. Good effort and I applaud Claggett but hope next time we see Lopez hope he’s in a much more significant fight.
  4. oubobcat

    Results from Las Vegas where Rafael Espinoza Retained his WBO Title in Grand Style

    I do think an Espinoza-Ramirez would open as a straight pick ‘em. And if that’s the case I would be all over the Espinoza side. I hope too that Ramirez looks good in his fight so to keep that line is as close to even as possible at open.
  5. oubobcat

    Abraham Nova and his Mascot are Back in Action on Friday Night

    It was a small wager, no sweat for me but feel bad for Nova. I hope Top Rank gives him another shot at a big fight, he earned it. By the way, and it made no difference, but the cards were released and what stood out was Dave Moretti scoring round 9 for Cortes. That was a huge round for Nova...
  6. oubobcat

    Abraham Nova and his Mascot are Back in Action on Friday Night

    Just grabbed the + 210 hanging out there on Nova. I think this is not priced correctly and in my opinion I’d have Nova as the favorite.
  7. oubobcat

    Abraham Nova and his Mascot are Back in Action on Friday Night

    I remember being ringside for TSS for the Turning Stone card with Abraham Nova and remember the fight. I somehow don't remember the mascot that night but sure it was there. Oddly the last Top Rank show in March the mascot made an appearance though Nova was not on that card. Cortes missed weight...
  8. oubobcat

    In a One-Sided Beatdown, Batyr Jukembayev TKOs Shopworn Ivan Redkach

    At one point I thought Redkach was going to be a star. Ended up having decent career, never got to where I thought he would. Hope he hangs them up but suspect we see him again. These ProBox cards are a throw back to the old Tuesday Night Fight series. The fights put together are very...
  9. oubobcat

    R.I.P. IBF founder Bob Lee who was Banished from Boxing by the FBI

    In my senior year of high school, Fall 1997 to Spring 1998, I had several study halls in between classes. Many students came in late or left early but I didn't have a car so managed my schedule a bit different. I used this time to almost exclusively on boxing. I either read whatever content I...
  10. oubobcat

    Nigerian Heavyweight Efe Ajagba May Yet Prove to be As Good As Advertised

    Very good read. Initially when Ajagba was first coming up I thought he was more hype than substance. Essentially another Seth Mitchell. But that loss to Sanchez seems to have been a wake up call. He has steadily gotten better since and his last outing, albeit against a not so formidble opponent...
  11. oubobcat

    High Drama at Turning Stone where Ford Rallied to Overcome Kholmatov

    There has been a lot of discussion about the stoppage. Watching it live from an excellent view point I can say I thought the stoppage was very apporiate. Kholmatov was badly hurt and not reacting well to Ford's onslaught. Regardless of the time I think once Kholmatov turned his back it was...
  12. oubobcat

    Two Featherweight Title Fights Top a Strong Bill at Turning Stone on Saturday

    Yeah this is a really good card. I keep telling people too as good as the co-features are there are some really good undercard bouts. Don’t miss the Ngayot-Mills fight…
  13. oubobcat

    Avila Perspective, Chap. 248: Canelo vs Charlo plus Weekend Boxing Notes

    I really like Navarette today over Valdez. Just never sold on Valdez, think he got too much credit for beating Berchelt and thought he lost to Conceicao. The fact that Navarette is sitting at plus money is a surprise to me and I wager I am on (albeit responsibly). Speaking of responsable...
  14. oubobcat

    Avila Perspective, Chap. 247: Jake Paul, Las Vegas Reflections and More

    I am not watching Paul-Diaz and initially had zero interest in even a small wager on the fight. The more I think about it though the more I think we could see someone get DQ'd here. Diaz has a history in MMA of being lets say unpredictable and Paul is a YouTuber looking for a few bucks. So yeah...
  15. oubobcat

    Crawford vs Spence – A Little History and a TSS Writers’ Poll

    Usually if I wager on a fight I will do so very early on before lines get steamed. And almost never wager on something live. This is an exception though as I think there is a clear path to getting a much better number on Crawford, currently sitting around -150, after the first or second round...
  16. oubobcat

    Japan's Little Monster Has Too Much Firepower for Stephen Fulton

    I don't get into the pound for pound debate too much but do think it is clear right now that Inoue is the best fighter in the sport. Also I don't think it was coincidental that Inoue and Ramirez fought on the same card in Japan. It seems that the marination has begun for this one, likely...
  17. oubobcat

    Felix Trinidad - Oba Carr

    I know its been quite some time since I have been on the forum. But still following the sport as closely as ever and reading the articles on this site. Recently I have been going back watching old fights. Well when I say old mean primarily from the 80's and 90's. I started working out more and...
  18. oubobcat

    Interesting Wager For the Top Rank Show on Thursday

    The head of PR for BetMGM just put out a note on Twitter regarding the bout between Gabriel Flores Jr. and Josec Ruiz on Thursday. Flores, who is a highly touted prospect, is a -4500 favorite (meaning you'd have to lay $4,500 to make a profit of $100 on Flores). Apparently one bettor is so...
  19. oubobcat

    Did The Governor Of Texas Just Open the Door to Canelo-Golovkin III in the Summer?

    Today Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced issued a revised order that stated that not only could professional sports leagues restart in June but outdoor stadiums would be allowed to host fans at up to 25% capacity. This announcement could be huge for boxing. The reason many experts expected...
  20. oubobcat

    Boxing Is Back

    Soon the Nevada State Athletic commission will be meeting and will presumably move forward with a pair of Top Rank for early June.. These events will feature no fans in attendance and will be broadcast on an ESPN platform. Bob Arum of Top Rank has also been quoted by numerous publications in...