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    Avila Perspective, Chap. 273: Jojo Diaz, O’Shaquie Foster and More

    Ortiz is a stylist not a runner. He’s had his share of action packed fights and thrilling moments. He had the right strategy to deal with Lopez and he neutralized the heavily favored “superstar” and outboxed him, beat him. It’s a shame he’s being maligned and insulted for successfully BOXING in...
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    Results from Las Vegas where Teofimo Lopez Retained his Title in a Dull Fight

    Lopez is such a loudmouth bore. Ortiz did enough to win but he’s quiet.
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    Results from Las Vegas Where Vergil Ortiz Scored His 20th Consecutive KO

    Quote possibly the most premature referee stoppage I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching boxing. What the heck was Weeks doing? I loved seeing Barroso get that unexpected KO in 1 tho. 🤩
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    Riyadh Part 2: Bivol Wins, Parker Upsets Wilder, and Joshua Closes the Show

    It’s hard to tell what ruined Wilder more. Was it the unbelievable beatings laid upon him by world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury? Was it Wilder’s insane insistence that Fury was cheating? Or was it Wilder’s training for Parker on a steady diet of hallucinogenic drugs? Either way, he’s trippin...
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    Ryan "KingRy" Garcia Returns With a Bang; KOs Oscar Duarte

    It’s hard not to root for Garcia now after he’s been forced to rebuke his own promotional team, the perpetually pickled Oscar De La Hoya in particular. Hopkins, still better at promoting his own ego than the interests of others, is really no better. Those two deserve each other and Garcia...
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    The Murder of Samuel Teah Calls to Mind Other Boxers Who Were Homicide Victims

    In 2001 on the streets of Lowell, Mass, a young 5x Lowell golden gloves champion boxer named Luis Ayala was gunned down and killed at an intersection not far from where I lived at the time. He’d tried out for the 2000 Olympics as a super lightweight and was just 23. His murderer was tried and...
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    Benavidez Dismantles Andrade: Will Canelo Be Next?

    Saw this TKO result coming like the foregone conclusion it always was. Andrade has avoided any/all meaningful matchups for his entire professional career and this beatdown by the better man is the natural consequence of it. Benavides is a real fighter and real fighters make avoidant pretenders...
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    Shakur Stevenson Wins a Tedious Fight from Edwin De Los Santos in Las Vegas

    Rather than watch this sleeper, I rewatched Hagler vs. Marcos Geraldo from 1980 on YouTube. This was Hagler’s final non-title bout and a spirited little ten round tussle. If Roberto Duran and Thomas Hearns could have had a boxing baby, it would’ve looked like the lanky Latino Geraldo. The...
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    Fury vs Usyk is OFF following Tyson Fury’s ‘Bad Day at the Office’

    Fury is frequently a victim of rabbit punches that put him down. Fury also frequently gets up to win fights like champions do. Despite the ridiculous scorings and bleating overreactions from casuals and cage fight fans, it’s evident that Fury won a close fight legitimately and then showed great...
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    Oleksandr Usyk Recovers from a Wicked Body Punch to KO Daniel Dubois

    Credit to Usyk. He got up from a knockout to win lol 😂
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    Crawford and Spence: Final Thoughts on Their Welterweight Showdown

    Spence was utterly trashed and exposed. I seriously doubt we see much more from him.
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    Terence Crawford ; Unifies Another Title; Destroys Errol Spence

    Bernard pretty well nailed it.
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    Crawford vs Spence – A Little History and a TSS Writers’ Poll

    Why do neither of these two fighters look like hungry, lean, ready to make weight welterweights? Am I the only one seeing this? The pudgy faces. The shocking lack of intensity? These guys both look like overfed actors playing the role of boxers.
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    Wlad K talks Ukraine with KO!

    Back in 2014 when he was the world heavyweight champion, KO Digest interviewed Wladimir Klitschko by telephone from his camp Germany. He mostly talked boxing but we asked him about the situation in Ukraine, asking him: "What don’t Americans see about what’s going on in Ukraine? We can view the...
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    Floyd Mayweather says “enough is enough!”

    Boxing’s top star has bravely spoken out in favor of NBA superstar Kyrie Irvin’s choice to resist medical tyranny and governmental coercion even if it costs him his basketball career. Kyrie is refusing the mandatory jab and Floyd is speaking out in favor of the modern day Muhammad Ali. “America...
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    The Future of Non-Traditional Boxing Events: A New TSS Survey

    I know it’s easily overlooked given all the other very exciting things going on in boxing but even us boxing writers are getting in on the action. I fought 92 year old Ted “The Bullshitter” Sares last year at a Trump Rally in New Hampshire and while he didn’t die, I lived free. Anyone else in...
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    Hagler Day, Brockton, Mass, May 23

    Happy Birthday Marvelous One Brockton High School Marciano Stadium Rox Stadium Rocky Statue (oh and Bernard Hopkins I hear)
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    President Trump does it again!

    Charles “Duke“ Tanner was 19-0 as a professional cruiserweight out of Gary, Indiana. Twenty years ago he fought at a Trump Casino in Atlantic City. Today he is a free man after spending 16 years behind bars thanks to Creepy Joe Biden’s draconian drug laws. Thanks to President Donald John Trump...
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    There have been very limited amounts of consequential boxing in 2020 while most of the sport is standing by on lockdown. In years past it was easy to make up a P4P list at any time because the sport was active and there was a logical path one could follow despite the list being purely mythical...
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    Lara-Vendetti Prediction

    Cuban slickster Erislandy Lara defends his 154 title against local Massachusetts fighter Greg “The Villain” Vendetti tonight. I’ve covered my share of Vendetti fights and this is a young man who comes forward like it’s his job. I guess it is. Against a skilled but light-hitter like Lara, that...