Has anyone sold textbooks online?


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Hi everyone!!! Has anyone sold textbooks online before? What was your experience? How did you choose a platform to sell on? I've heard that there are many different sites for this. What is important to consider when choosing one?
Hi. Yes, I have sold my textbooks online a few times. The experience has been mostly positive, especially when you choose the right platform to sell https://booksrun.com/ . It's important to consider a few key aspects: the first, of course, is the usability and reliability of the platform. It is good when the site has an intuitive interface and clear instructions on how to sell. Second, it is important to look at the terms of sale: what commissions the platform takes, how payment and delivery of books occurs. Third, pay attention to other users' reviews of the platform. This will give an idea of how reliable and efficient the service is. I personally look at ratings and reviews before deciding where to sell my textbooks. I hope this helps you make the right choice!