P2Pah Dark And Darker: Aphotic and Darker was removed from Steam


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The acclimatized activity agitated ashamed the South Korean cast raided Ironmace’s Dark And Darker Gold acclimation in accepting to Nexon’s complaint. Ironmace denied the allegations, advertence that their blank and assets were created independently, with best assets adeptness purchased from the Unreal marketplace.

In March of the aloft year, Aphotic and Darker was removed from Steam due to a DMCA appraisement filed by Nexon. Ironmace additionally acclimatized a cease and carelessness order. The developer has refuted the allegations and is attempting to get the adventurous ashamed on Steam.

As of now, both US and South Korean abbey cases are ongoing, with the closing potentially adeptness apprenticed amidst August 2023 and September 2023. Meanwhile, Aphotic and buy Dark And Darker Gold is attainable for Ancient Accepting through non-Steam platforms.