P2Pah WoTLK: you'll have to change your speed potion


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Finally, for the timer, want to touch on haste so you don't end up using up haste during the burst WoTLK Gold window by taking advantage of several cooldowns on haste all at once. A shout-out to Mecca on the discord for mage for putting together this amazing table. And basically the TLDR is that once you get attracted to the spider which is our phase one greatest trinket for Alliance is the name suggests, you'll have to change your speed potion to potion of Wild Magic in order to not be cap-saved, and later as a horde for keeping.

The general consensus is that you'll want to wait until after your burst window because otherwise lost blood vessels are icy because they're nimble and also potent. speed, you're sure to go over the limit.

The buzzer should be delayed until it is for a while and then, once you get embrace of the spider, change the speed potion into a potion of Wild Magic, and that should be enough to break up the cooldown of your haste, so you're not wasting a lot of haste buy WoTLK Gold. Also, for these burst windows, if it's only wasting like 30 haste, that's not a huge difference. But it's definitely worth it to use the haste available in the burst window in order to maximize the burst window.