What is Venmo Weekly Limit [Get Instant Information]

Venmo is a popular peer-to-peer payment platform. It has a weekly cap to prevent fraud and improve security. The Venmo weekly limit for unverified accounts is $299.99. This includes payments made to friends, merchants authorized by the account, and any other transactions. Once you provide personal information and documents to verify your account, the limit increases significantly. It now stands at $6,999.99. Verification includes providing your legal name, your address, your date of birth, the last four numbers of your Social Security Number, and sometimes other documents.

Venmo's weekly limit resets daily. This means that it does not reset at the beginning of each calendar week but seven days after every transaction. To stay within the limits, it's essential to track your spending and make larger payments. Checking your Venmo account regularly to see your expenditure and remaining limit will help you manage your transactions. Venmo users who adhere to the weekly limit can have a smooth and secure experience.

What is Venmo, and how does it work?
Venmo, a mobile payment app owned by PayPal, allows users to send money using their mobile phones. Its ease of use, social features, and quick transfer capabilities make it popular. Venmo is a convenient tool for handling transactions. However, there are certain limitations on the amount of money that can be sent or received within a specified period.

What are the different Venmo limits?
  • Venmo daily limits: Venmo limit for unverified accounts is $299.99. Once you provide the necessary identification documents to verify your account, this limit will increase significantly. Verified users are allowed to send up to $6,999.99 per week. This means that the daily limit is dependent on the amount you sent during the previous week.
  • Venmo Weekly Limit: The Venmo weekly limit for verified accounts is $6,999.99. This limit applies to payments to friends and authorized merchants and payments made with your Venmo Card. Unverified accounts have a weekly limit of $299.99.
  • Venmo monthly limit: There is no specific monthly limit. However, knowing your weekly limits can help you better manage your transactions throughout the month. By keeping track of your weekly expenses, you can stay within your monthly budget.
  • Venmo limit per day: The Venmo daily limit for unverified accounts is $299.99. Verified users do not have a daily limit but must keep their transactions within the weekly limit of $6,999.99. The daily limit changes based on how much money has been spent during the previous week.

How to check your Venmo limits?
Here is how to check your Venmo limit:
  • Open the Venmo app
  • Tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper-left corner to open the Venmo App and access the menu.
  • Choose "Settings" and then "Payment limits."
  • You can see the current limits for your account based on verification status.

How to increase your Venmo limits?
To increase your Venmo limit, follow the steps below:
  • Verify your identity to increase your Venmo limit.
  • You will need to provide your legal name, address, date of birth, and the four last digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Venmo can request extra documentation in some cases, such as a picture of your government-issued ID. Your limits will increase once your identity has been verified.


Is there a max you can send on Venmo?

Venmo does have a weekly limit. The weekly limit for verified accounts is $6,999.99. Unverified accounts are limited to $299.99 per week.

How to raise Venmo weekly limit?
Verify your account to increase your Venmo Weekly Limit. Verification may require you to provide personal information or, in some instances, other documentation, such as additional identification documents. Once you have been verified, your weekly limit will be increased to $6,999.99.

What is the daily Venmo limit?
Venmo's daily limit
for unverified accounts is $299. Verified accounts do not have a daily limit but must keep their transactions within the weekly limit of $6,999.99.