An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host


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According to our studies on the connection between the game server and localhost, two major causes for “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error have come into the light. These are Slow, Unstable, or lost internet connection (because Minecraft is an online game and the internet is required to keep the connection intact between remote and localhost). The game server (or remote host) is unable to locate your device’s IP Address. As a result, it cannot verify and transfer retrieved game information and data, which is crucial to access the game in the first place.
Hey Henrick, thanks for sharing this insight! I've been wondering what could cause this issue for a long time. I thought the problem lay in my personal computer, and considering how much I'm obsessed with Minecraft, I seriously thought about buying a new one. As you can imagine, I feel quite lucky to have bumped into your post! Do you think they're going to solve the problem anytime soon? I really miss playing Minecraft without any disruptions. I usually connect to one of the minecraft smp servers and stay there all night with my pals. There's absolutely nothing cooler than that! Cheers.
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