Cleveland Browns and the NFL Draft


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Last year when Kyrie Irving demanded a trade from Cleveland, I accurately predicted a trade to Boston and most of the pieces that would be involved.

So now I will take another crack with my beloved Cleveland Browns who just finished the kind of perfect season that no die hard fan like myself wanted to ever see as to what they will do in the upcoming NFL draft in which they have picks 1 and 4 to fix things.

Most NFL insiders are predicting a QB at 1 or 4 (most likely 1). But they are wrong. As a matter of fact, I don't see the Browns taking a QB in this draft. What, how could that be? Here is how it plays out.

The Browns either sign or trade for AJ McCarron depending on his status with the Bengals which will be determined by an arbitrator next month. They also go after Chase Daniel to be the backup. McCarron has a connection to coach Hue Jackson and Daniel to new GM John Dorsey. They also don't give up on Deshone Kizer but relegate him to a year of learning as 3rd string.

The Browns then trade the #1 pick for a haul to a team that wants their choice of QB at 1. Why would Cleveland do this? Simple, for new GM John Dorsey this is a "free" move. McCarron is Jackson's guy and if he fails then Dorsey blames Jackson who gets fired. Dorsey then brings in his coach and the Browns get their QB in 2019. If McCarron succeeds, then Dorsey and Jackson look like geniuses and get a haul from the first pick in the draft to turn this around quick.

Mark it down, no QB for the Browns in the 2018 draft despite what the experts are saying today.