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Hi all! I have been thinking for a long time about finding a direct advertiser, but so far I cannot find a good and comfortable option for myself, since the conditions are incorrect. Maybe you know who I can contact so that the terms of cooperation are as acceptable as possible?
Hello. I had a situation where the conditions were unacceptable. There was a condition with a previous potential partner that he offered low commission rates. That is, this is the proposed rate for your sales and actions, which were as small as possible, which led to a limitation of income. But I was able to find a company for myself that made our work ideal. Feel free to contact direct nutra advertiser because they offer regular payments without delays, they have detailed information regarding all analytics and provide it all to you. This is only a small part of the conditions that have such a positive effect and provide good results.
Hello. I haven't used this company yet, but I've seen a lot of positive reviews. I think I will also study all the working conditions and promotions. I think this is a great option for a good start.