Could someone tell me which classic boxing matches I should watch?


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Hello everyone

I having been following the current boxing contests and developments; I am unable to resist feeling as if I am missing out on some of the classic events that have helped mold the sport into what it is today

This is why I am asking this community for recommendations on historic boxing contests that I simply must watch. Whether it is historical fights between all-time greats or lesser-known gems that deserve more attention; I am focused to grow my understanding and admiration for the sweet science.

I am interested in matches that show skill, passion, and this While openings are certainly exciting, I am also attracted to matches that go the distance and leave an indelible impression on viewers.
I would also appreciate recommendations for any films; books; or articles that provide intelligent analysis or background information on these matches.
Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.
1960s - 1970’s
Ali v. Frazier 1 + 2 + 3
Ali v. Foreman
Ali v. Spinx
Ali v. Norton 1+2+3
— 1970’s
Holmes v. Norton
Arguello v. Olivares
Monzon v. Griffith
Monzon v. Benvenuti
D. Lopez v. M. Ayala
Duran v. DeJesus 1+2+3
Leonard v. Benitez
Hagler v. Antufermo

— 1980’s:
Duran v. Leonard 1
Leonard v. Hearns 1
Hagler v. Hearns
Pryor v. Arguello
Salvador Sanchez v. Nelson
Salvador Sanchez v. Lopez 1+2
Salvador Sanchez v. Gomez 1+2
Duran v. Barkley
Duran v. Moore
Leonard v. Hagler
Hagler v. Duran

J.C Chavez v. Taylor 1
P. Whittaker v. J.C Chavez
Holyfield v. Bowe 1+2+3
Corrales v. Castillo
R. Jones v. J. Toney
L. Lewis v. Rahman 1+2
M. Carbajal v. Gonzalez 1
M. Tyson v. Douglas
McCallum v. Toney

2000’s - 2010’s
Morales v. Barrera 1+2+3
Pacquiao v. Marquez 1+2+3+4
Gatti v. Ward 1+2+3
Cotto v. Margarito 1+2
Hopkins v. Trinidad
Wright v. Trinidad
Mayweather v. Castillo
Mayweather v. Corrales
Mayweather v. De La Hoya
Mayweather v. Cotto

— 2010’s:
Inoue v. Donaire 1
Bradley v. Provodnikov
Kosei Tanaka v. Kimura
GGG v. Canelo 1+2