Data enrichment workflow


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I am creating a data enrichment app. In which a user uploads a list of websites and makes calls to a specific API that returns me several outputs. My question is, how to create a processing queue in the API with a 3 seconds interval?
To create a processing queue with a 3 seconds interval for lead data enrichment system, you can use a job scheduler or a task queue. Here's an example of how to implement a simple task queue using Python and Redis:
  1. Install Redis and the Redis Python library
pip install redis
  1. Create a Redis client and a task queue:
import redis

# Create a Redis client
redis_client = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379)

# Create a task queue
task_queue = 'my_task_queue'

  1. Add tasks to the queue:
import time

# Add tasks to the queue
for website in website_list:
task = {'website': website}
redis_client.rpush(task_queue, json.dumps(task))

  1. Process the tasks in the queue:
import json

while True:
# Get the next task from the queue
task = redis_client.blpop(task_queue, timeout=0)[1]

# Process the task
website = json.loads(task)['website']
result = process_website(website)

# Do something with the result

In this example, we use the Redis rpush() command to add tasks to the end of the queue and the blpop() command to retrieve tasks from the beginning of the queue. We also use the time.sleep(3) function to wait for 3 seconds between each task.