Female Fight News for week of July 24th American Assault


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Female Fight News for week of July 24 American Assault

By David A. Avila

American prizefighting arrived with a boom last week and continues on with assistance from Ireland.

Boricua star Amanda “Real Deal” Serrano brushed aside Hungary’s Edina Kiss with a third round knockout on the island paradise of Puerto Rico. It was a rematch that saw the first encounter last four rounds. This time a right hook started the destruction in the second round and by the start of the next round Kiss was on the run.

“She was dominant,” said Lou DiBella who promotes the Brooklyn-based Serrano. Puerto Rico has put embraced her fully.

Serrano’s incredible run of winning world titles in five weight divisions mostly by knockout have caused more than a few weight divisions to look for reasons to be occupied with other things. Others ask for too much money and still others want to remain conscious thank you very much.

Her journey continues as division after division champions and contenders topple like misplaced children’s blocks.

Showtime network has featured her twice and now a fan base across the country and even overseas are taking notice of the model-looking brunette wiping out foes with her crackling power.

When multi-champion Naoko Fujioka of Japan visited Southern California recently, one of the first American fighters she mentioned was Serrano. The Japanese pound-for-pound fighter has the minimum weight, flyweight, super flyweight and bantamweight world titles and wanted to be the first to win five world titles in five divisions.

Too late. Serrano beat her to the punch.

It brings up a very interesting point: only the best and most confident female prizefighters are willing to face anyone any place like Serrano and Fujioka. And thankfully they are not the only ones.

While some fighters dominant one weight division against subpar competition others such as Layla McCarter fight against other pound for pound fighters overseas or in other states in different divisions. It says something about a fighter willing to take risks.

Serrano for example opted to fight Argentina’s best Marcela Acuna one of that country’s greatest fighters of all time and the current IBF super bantamweight titlist. The Argentine fighter’s team priced themselves out of reach.

Many potential foes of Serrano are seeking too much money unaware or perhaps fully aware their price is not going to be met.

It creates a bottleneck in female prizefighting and creates a larger growing problem for female boxing.

Anaheim Action

Quite a few female fighters are in search of sure wins instead of enhancing their skills by fighting others more equal to their own level.

A good example of fighting on near equal terms took place last Friday in Anaheim, California near Disneyland. Is it a fantasy to want to see competitive fights among girl boxers?

One of the fast emerging stars in Southern California is East L.A.’s Seniesa “Superbad” Estrada. The unorthodox speedster who fights in the mold of Roy Jones Jr. and her team mate Sergio “Latin Snake” Mora, was placed in a six round light flyweight contest against Mexican veteran Aracely Palacios. It was a true competitive fight.

Estrada was severely criticized in her previous fight for facing Rachel Sazoff in a mismatch that lasted 38 seconds. But this time, the undefeated light flyweight not only accepted a credible opponent, but sought to fight in three-minute rounds. The California State Athletic Commission would not allow it but it was a good try.

Palacios walked into the boxing ring knowing she had beaten current IBF super bantamweight titlist Yuliana Luna Avila. She had also faced former world champion Isabel Millan. She knows how to fight.

As expected Estrada used her superior foot and hand speed to unravel dizzying combinations on the girl from Durango, Mexico. But after the first round, Palacios began timing the assaults and soon began firing and landing blows of her own. But Estrada was out-landing her 5 to 1 in every round. Perhaps the best round was in the fifth when both opened up body attacks on each other that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Entertaining fans is the name of the game. Beating up on novices is basically bullying. Nobody wants to see that.

Estrada’s win was a solid learning experience for her to use in future fights. Her performance was the best to date and showed that she has entered another level in prizefighting. A possible showdown against former Olympian Marlen Esparza is a strong possibility given the banter exchanged between Esparza and Estrada’s team on Twitter recently.

Katie in Brooklyn

Ireland’s Katie Taylor arrives in Brooklyn and at press time was expected to face Colombia’s Calixta Silgado or Jasmine Clarkson of Texas. Very little publicity was done by Taylor who won a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics for Ireland.

Many consider Taylor to be one of the best female fighter’s today, but it remains to be seen. She is already ranked among the top 10 in lightweights.

Could she compete with an Amanda Serrano or a Layla McCarter? Or maybe a lesser experienced pro such as Jessica McCaskill who is scheduled to fight this weekend too in Chicago. Another former Olympian just recently announced her entry into the pro ranks last week in Mikaela Mayer. She is also a lightweight turning pro next week but has never faced Taylor.

Mayer signed with Top Rank and will fight on Aug. 5, in downtown Los Angeles. No opponent has been named as of yet.

Top Rank also mentioned interest in signing Australia’s Shannon O’Connell a super bantamweight scheduled to fight Ghana’s Helen Joseph this Saturday. O’Connell has proven to be a gunslinger willing to travel anywhere to fight.

American wheels are turning when it comes to female prizefighting. But can it speed up the process?

Female Fight News and Results


Yamilia Reynoso (8-1-3) won by split decision over Cristina Cuevas (3-7-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday July 22. The welterweight clash took place in Santa Fe for the South American title.


On Saturday July29, super bantamweights Shannon O’Connell (15-5-1) and Helen Joseph (13-3-1) meet in an eight round clash in Newstead, Queensland. O’Connell, 34, fights out of Slacks Creek, Queensland and is a former world champion. Joseph, 28, fights out of Ghana and has fought professionally for 13 years. Also, another female bout features lightweights Deanna Hobbs (2-0) versus Kylie Hutt (2-0-2) in a six round battle of undefeated.


Dayana Cordero (16-5-2) defeated Julieta Cardozo (11-1) by unanimous decision on Friday July 1. The battle for the interim WBA bantamweight title took place in Barranquilla, Colombia. It was the first loss for Cardozo, 23, who fights out of Argentina. Cordero, 21, was making the second defense of the title. She fights out of Panama City. Also, another female bout saw Monica Henao (1-0-3) fight to a draw versus Jenifer Rodriguez (1-2-2) after an eight round lightweight bout. It was Henao’s third consecutive draw.


On Friday July 28, light flyweights Yumi Narita (2-2) and Kaori Nagai (1-2-1) meet in a four round contest in Osaka, Japan.


Jessica Arreguin (14-1-1) won by knockout in the first round over Monica Gutierrez (0-1) in a fight set for six rounds on Saturday July 22. The super bantamweight fight was held in Parral, Chihuahua. Also, Jazmin Gonzalez (10-2) defeated Elizabeth Chavez (2-1) by decision after a six round super flyweight contest.

Luz Arguello (1-1) won by technical knockout of Karla Carmona Marin (0-1) in the third round on Thursday July 20. The light flyweight bout was held in Mexico City.

On Saturday July 29, minimum weights Anabel Ortiz (24-3) and Nancy Franco (17-10-2) meet in Mexico City for Ortiz’s claim on the WBA world title.

Puerto Rico

WBO super bantamweight titlist Amanda Serrano (33-1-1) knocked out Edina Kiss (13-5) at 1:00 of the third round on Friday July 21. The title fight took place in San Juan Puerto Rico. The Brooklyn-based Serrano was meeting Kiss for the second time in a year. In both fights Serrano eliminated the Hungarian fighter by knockout. Kiss has only been knocked out by Serrano.

United Kingdom

On Saturday July 29, middleweights Stacey Copeland (1-0) and Ester Konecna (1-2-1) meet in a four round bout in Manchester, England.


Logan Holler (8-0) won by unanimous decision over Hungary’s Szilvia Szabados (16-11) on Saturday July 22 to win the WIBA super welterweight title after six rounds. The fight took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Holler, 25, fights out of Columbia, South Carolina.

Seniesa Estrada (10-0) won by unanimous decision against Mexico’s tough Aracely (8-7) after six rounds on Friday July 21. The flyweight bout took place in Anaheim, Calif. It was Estrada’s best performance yet in defeating the experienced Palacios who owns a win over IBF bantamweight champion Yuliana Luna Avila. Also, Lorraine Villalobos (1-0) won her pro debut by decision over Mexico’s Elvia Trevino (2-2) after four rounds in a light flyweight fight.

On Saturday July 29, former Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor (5-0) of Ireland is scheduled to make her American debut at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. No opponent has been named but word is it will be Calixta Silgado (15-8-3) of Colombia or Jasmine Clarkson.

On Saturday July 29, lightweights Jessica McCaskill (4-1) and Natalie Brown (6-2) meet in an eight round bout in Chicago, Illinois. McCaskill, 32, fights out of Chicago. Brown, 38, fights out of Ontario, Canada.


Eva Guzman (8-1-1) was victorious over Anabel Trejo (0-2) by first round knockout on Tuesday July 18. The minimum weight fight took place in Maracay.

(Photo by Esdel Antonio)