Instagram notifications not working


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More often than not, users avoid installing new versions of apps. However, such a practice is not always healthy for your phone. If Instagram notifications not working on old and outdated versions of the app. It may mean that the outdated version has bugs and needs to be fixed. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you download and install a new version from the official app store.
If your Instagram notifications aren’t working, it can be quite frustrating. Now you won’t know when someone likes your photos or comments on them. If you’re following lots of people, it can feel like a real problem not being able to see when they share something new.
Sometimes old versions have bugs, and they're not working on newer phones or the other way around. If your phone is old and you update the app with the newest version, it might not work properly. I use Instagram for business purposes, and it has been working very well so far. I only once had some problems - when I had a big number of followers joining my page daily. It was because I used the services of to get to a bigger audience and promote easier my product. But it was ok after a few days, and I continued using it. If you don't manage to solve your problem, try talking to their support team.
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