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Jamal James Talks To The Boxing Channel - This past Saturday night on the Premier Boxing Champions card in New York's Nassau Coliseum, welterweight prospect Jamal James moved his record to 21-1 with a unanimous decision.

The win put James back on track after suffering his first loss in his last outing agaisnst veteran Yordenis Ugas. James took almost a year off between outings and even then, this fight saw James deal with changed opponents and last minute replacements. To take on a fighter such as Dan under such circumstances is both a challenge and a risk and James deserves credit for taking the fight.

[h=2]Jamal James Talks To The Boxing Channel[/h]
In this latest TBC interview, we caught up with Jamal James fresh of his win against veteran Ionut "JoJo" Dan this past Saturday night in New York City. James talked about his recent fights and his career and he also spoke at length about the Circle of Discpline, the gym where he both teaches and learns the craft of boxing. To find out more about what the gym offers, check the website and details below. If your anywhere near Minneapolis drop by and pay them a visit.

Circle of Discipline website.

Gym Address: 1201 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Gym phone number: 1 612-721-1549

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Jamal is a very humble man. That is underrated nowadays and often overlooked.

Awesome video put together
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I like the question about if it crossed his mind he was making the same decision to fight Jo Jo Dan as what happened on short notice with Ugas. Never thought about it that way
TY Kid, lol nice to see ya on here. Yeah, Jamal definitely was a nice guy and an easy interview. I gotta get my questions out in a "less convoluted" style I think lol.....
Jamal is a very humble man. That is underrated nowadays and often overlooked.

Awesome video put together

I like him a lot and frankly he can (and apparently has) learn a lot from his loss to Ugas. Ugas is a very good fighter and took James to school that night. But it is really not a devastating loss and could be one of those losses that in the long run serves James much better than many of his previous wins. Too much is made nowadays in the sport on the undefeated record...many times fighters are best served to have a defeat like James did against Ugas to help them grow long term.
Yeah, that is something that boxing can learn from MMA, and that is that all real fighters who fight take a loss at some point. I have another interview that will be up here shortly with Miguel Flores, who just got stopped by cuts against Chris Avalos to take his second loss in a row. At 25 years old, Flores is still a dangerous prospect with upside. Learning experience losses early in the career can make people better fighters. Mayweather is the one who yaps about his "0
" nowadays, ugh.