Marketing on social media platforms


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It seems to me that it's worthless. I tried with a few posts and nothing good came out. I'm gonna go back to the old-fashioned ways of selling
Why do you think so? What are the old-fashioned ways of selling? Outside is the 21st century, 2020 year when everything went online. When businesses "are fighting" to be on top on Google, to be seen on social networks platform. Marketing evolved a lot and digital marketing is the future, man! Social media connect you directly to the customer and select your targeted audience. Social media draws this audience to your website. You didn't appeal to the customers because you were doing things by yourself. The professionals should help you. I did the same mistakes as you did, thinking at that moment that all will buy my whitening kit products (this is my business) Not, until I have collaborated with the digital marketing san diego team. They planned the whole strategy and generate hugely money till now.
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As now everything is digitalized, I consider the online marketing as something normal that is indeed for many companies. The right campaign, promoted by the right company, and offered to the right client, could lead a firm to success very fast. If you own such a company, I would deeply recommend you to ask for seo services because they are the best in this. My dad listened to me and now his two firms are increasing faster than ever.
I agree that social media platforms are playing a very important and high role in digital marketing. It's an indisputable fact. All of us are using social media. We are properly addicted to social media life. In this way, people who are working in digital marketing companies are using apps like Facebook, Instagram to advertise some products, services, etc. I have a small clothing online shop. And I work with the guys from the best Singapore SEO company. They helped me very much to increase the number of my sales. It's awesome.
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Probably, social media is the best way to promote your business. Or it is better to say it is one of the best ways to promote your business especially if you know how to build the marketing campaign. The only problem I see is the usage of apps that are used to hack your devices and read text messages without installing software as well as to get other important data. So you must secure your accounts to avoid data loss.