Reviving a Classic - Dino's 1000th Post


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Here is one from the old forum. No one was gonna beat Radam there, lol but who is gonna get to 1000 posts here first? Hmmmm.

Dino's classic post from the old forum.

Dino da Vinci Crosses The 1,000-Post line
It's funny how we envision ourselves in our mind's eye. Around the time we added the forum to The Sweet Science site, I was explaining to my wife how this was a good thing, and how I have a lot to say, and that there was much I wished to share with others. I reiterated how I'd probably have a thousand posts within the first three months of launching. And then when I found my groove you'd really see what I was capable of.

So the first video is how I pictured it.

The second is much closer to reality.

A huge heartfelt thank you to a great group of guys.​
the original post sent you to YOUTUBE to seethevideos, the new forum allows for thevideo right in the post. Is everybody seeing the videos OK?