The secrets of choosing an eyelash extension glue


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At first glance, choosing an eyelash extension glue seems simple, but in fact it is one of the key links in the process that affects the quality and customer satisfaction. Let's do an in-depth analysis of this topic to uncover the secrets of professionals and share our experience.
My question to you is:
Glue Industry: What is your opinion on the current state of the eyelash extension adhesives market? Which brands and types of adhesives are most popular among beauty salons, and why?
Selection criteria: What are the main criteria you consider when choosing an eyelash extension glue? What characteristics and formulations are considered the most important to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure?
Professional experience: What difficulties do you face when working with different types of glue? Are there any features or tips that help you choose and apply glue in practice?
Innovations and trends: Which innovations in the field of eyelash extension adhesives attract your attention? Are there new developments that promise to change the quality and safety standards in this area?
Community Tips: What advice can you give to beginners or colleagues regarding the choice of glue for eyelash extensions? What mistakes should be avoided in order to achieve the best results?
You have voiced a serious problem that is currently relevant to all masters of eyelash extension. In the course of work was concluded that the choice of glue for eyelashes should be individual. Based on each particular client. Only then a long-term and high-quality result can be achieved.
Indeed, the choice of glue for eyelash extensions is an important step that affects the results and customer satisfaction. Experience and knowledge in this area are key. Regarding the current state of the adhesive market, I can say that there are many brands and types, but some of them stand out for their quality and reliability. Popular among beauty salons are often those that provide long-lasting security and safety for clients.
Nowadays, there are many different brands and types of products available, which makes choosing sometimes difficult. My opinion about the current state of the market is that it is constantly evolving and dynamic. Among beauty salons, the most popular brands of lash extension glue are often those that provide strong adhesion, durability and safety for clients. You should always choose top brands that have proven themselves in the market due to their quality and reliability.
Only quality ingredients should be chosen for the eyelash extension procedure. This applies to glue, shampoos and many other cosmetics. New products should be treated with caution. It is better to start buying a small batch and try the glue in action, how it works. And as for other components, I think it is better to find a regular supplier and buy only branded cosmetics.