Undefeated Omar Trinidad Wins a Regional Title at the Commerce Casino


By David A. Avila

Omar Trinidad scored a knockout win despite the entangling style of Jose Perez to win a regional featherweight title and toss his name into the world title soup on Saturday in Commerce, California.

It wasn’t easy.

East L.A.’s Trinidad (15-0-1, 12 KOs) kept banging and chipping away at Victorville’s Perez (11-3-2, 5 KOs) in front of a large crowd at Commerce Casino on the 360 Boxing Promotions fight card.

Trinidad discovered quickly that the taller Perez’s style of charge and grab was not easy to decipher. Every round mirrored the previous round but the fighter from Boyle Heights used his left hooks and jabs to keep slightly ahead.

After battling evenly for six rounds the tide suddenly turned when both missed with rights and both pivoted and launched lefts. Trinidad landed first and down went Perez at the end of the seventh. He survived.

Perez did not survive the eighth as Trinidad connected with a right and down went Perez again. Though he beat the count the fight was stopped at 1:07 of the round. A stablemate of Callum Walsh, Trinidad wins the WBC Continental Americas featherweight title and enters the rankings.

“I feel great to win this title,” said Trinidad. “We’re in the rodeo now. I’m not under the radar now.”

Other Bouts

A battle between rugged super welterweights saw Eduardo Diaz (8-3) win by split decision after six rounds over Jose Manuel Gomez (4-4-1). Both were very strong fighters. Diaz was a little more active in a fight that saw no knockdowns.

David Romero (5-0-1) defeated Argentina’s Luciano Ramos (2-4) by unanimous decision after six rounds in a super lightweight marred by repeated fouls. Ramos repeatedly charged in with his head and held in almost every round. He was deducted three points all total. The scores were 60-51 three times for Romero.

Adan Ochoa (13-4) won by technical knockout over John Alimane (8-6-1) at the end of the second round. Alimane could not continue due to an injury.

Abel Mejia (3-0) remained undefeated by unanimous decision after four rounds versus Luis Montellano (3-13-3) in a super featherweight match.

Lupe Medina (5-0, 2 KOs) struggled against Lilian Almaraz (0-4) to win by majority decision after four rounds in a light flyweight bout. Though Medina showed quickness and technique, she was caught switching stances from southpaw to orthodox and had spells of inactivity. Scores were 38-38, 40-36 twice.

Brook Sibrian (2-0) scored a knockout win over Nikkia Williams (0-2) in the third round of a light flyweight contest. After a strong combination by Sibrian the referee stopped the fight at 1:29 of round three.

Rodrigo Mosquera (1-0) of Las Vegas won his pro debut by first round knockout over Michael Hernandez (0-3) in a lightweight match.

Photo credit: Lina Baker