Welcome to THE FIGHT FORUM 2.0


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Greetings to all the users of our FIGHT FORUM, both to the new members and to our long standing friends.

Some of your bookmarks may direct you to the old version of THE FIGHT FORUM and that site will still be accessible and able to handle new posts, but we are beginning the transition over to this newer version.

What will change is that the articles from TSS, TBC and our network of sites will no longer appear on the old forum, rather they will now be feeding the 2.0 website.

Old-time users may lament the loss of their post counts and the great history our forum has will not be migrated to the new version immediately but the change was necessary. It won't be long before you notice some of the benefits from the modernization. With new posts coming in from our websites daily and with our loyal following, we are sure the 2.0 version will quickly have a history all its own.

By Monday AM July 10th the links on the news pages will be changed to send folks directly to this site and all news posts will be created here. Some of the more recent posts from the last few days have been re-created here. New posts to these threads will not appear on the old forum.

I will be checking this thread to address issues as we go through this transition. Please feel free to post any questions you may have on this thread.

Miguel Iturrate
Forum Admin

Active users of the old FIGHT FORUM should check their e-mails for a one-time password reset that must be done. After that, you will be ready to go. Now get to posting!
So far so good. The e-mail signalling you need to reset your passwords have been set. Some friends have already posted on here. Looking forward to feedback!
Very good news here. The posts from The Boxing Channel now have an embed of the video that u can eatch right here on the forum. TBC published 5 articles/videos and they all are here on the Forum for you to view and comment on. Please let me know if it is working for all of you and if ther eis any feedback.